WIAW #17, Restaurant Style

Goooood Morning!!!

Another Wednesday has arrived and you know what that means!! I have lots of good food stuff to share with you.

This week I am changing it up just a little bit. Rather than sharing a full day of meals with you, I am going to share ONE meal, instead.

My husband has a customer who is opening a new restaurant and last night was Friends and Family night, which is basically the final run for the cooks and servers before opening to the public.

When we go to these events I always keep my expectations pretty low but I have to say, I was pretty much blown away with the awesome service and even better food!!!

The name of the restaurant is BFF, located in Arlington, Texas and it is a fusion of an Asian Bistro and French Bakery. I wasn’t sure what to think of the concept when my husband first told me about it but after eating there, all I can say is, it works!!!

We were all pretty hungry when we arrived so we started out with a couple appetizers.

Crab Rangoon and coconut crusted shrimp were our first picks. Not one bite of it was bad but the shrimp, oh man, it was incredible!!!

(Sorry for the dark pictures but the restaurant had pretty low lighting and while the ambiance was great, it doesn’t work so well for photos)

Liam and I both ordered a California roll as our entree. Like mother, like son……

Out of these 16 pieces of sushi, I got all of THREE!!! My son devoured his roll, stuffing it into his mouth as quickly as it would go down. My daughter stole the other pieces, little stinker!!! I wasn’t about to tell her no because she has tried sushi multiple times and was never a big fan….until now obviously!!

My son totally photo bombed this picture…haha!!

As much as I loved every bite of Asian food that passed my lips, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to go straight to dessert when we first arrived. There were so many options…… from cheesecake, red velvet cake, multiple pastries and creme brulee that it was pretty overwhelming. I would have been happy taste testing it all!!!

Since I was sharing with Lance, I let him help me make the decision. I am pleased to say that we went with the creme brulee. Oh my……this was a taste of heaven!!

The only negative thing I can say about this place is that there was no wheelbarrow handy to wheel us out :-)!!

As a thank you for coming out to support the event, they also sent us home with goodie bags filled with pastries and bread. WHAT?! This is totally the best goody bag I have ever received!!!

One of these WILL be my breakfast this morning. The hard part is just deciding which one. Ahh….decisions!!!

Have you been to any fusion-style restaurants? Are you a fan?



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7 responses to “WIAW #17, Restaurant Style

  1. I LOVE CREME BRULEE!!! That’s all I gotta say bout that

  2. Great…now I’m hungry! All your food looks amazing!!
    Your kids are so cute!

  3. California rolls are usually my go to sushi order 🙂

  4. Love fusion restaurants! Looks like a great meal.

  5. Hmmm… the crab ragoon and sushi sounds incredible. That doggy bad sounds pretty great too!

  6. You are right about that being the best doggy bag EVER! I mean you can’t ever go wrong w/ loads of carbs 🙂

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