Sometimes Less = More

Yesterday was the official start to the Best Body Bootcamp that I will be participating in for the next 8 weeks.

I ended up breaking my workouts into two sessions since I didn’t have the ability to hit the gym with my little guy in tow. I ended up doing my weight training at home and did 20 minutes of cardio intervals at the gym later in the evening. My plan was to hop on the treadmill and run but when I got to the gym, I saw the step mill looking all lonely and calling my name!!

I started off pretty slow, warming up for five minutes with 40-50 stairs per minute and then I broke it into one minute intervals of high intensity and recovery:

  • 1 minute at 85 stairs per minute
  • 1 minute at 45 stairs per minute

I kept that up until the end of the 20 minutes and cooled down for a few minutes before calling it a day.

Oh, and I dare you to try this exercise today, The Scorpion!!! It was part of the weight training workout and my goodness, that is one TOUGH move!!! I face planted a couple times but I did manage to get through all three sets, doing 8 reps per side. Let me know how you do!!!


Does anyone else feel like life is starting to get really busy? I don’t know what it is necessarily but I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. The Holiday season is approaching(basically here already!!), my kids school activities are increasing and I am working with Liam more and more trying to get him prepared for Kindergarten. My little man will be heading off to school in a year and I just have this need to soak up all the little moments with him because I know this time next year I will miss these everyday moments.

I have asked myself what I can do to help ease the anxiety I feel some days to accomplish it all without feeling completely frazzled.

  • Giving up exercise is so not an option. In fact, it is something that must become a priority because without it, I am not always the most patient or sane person. Seriously, exercise is the BEST anti-anxiety medication in my opinion.
  • Adequate sleep will also be essential. It is incredibly hard to power through the day and those workouts when your body does not have the energy to do so. I MUST get 7-8 hours each night.
  • Letting go of the small stuff. I am a neat freak and have even been called a little bit OCD at times. I can’t help it, it is just so much easier to relax in a tidy and clean house. However, I have two kids that love to play and I want them to be able to enjoy being at home without constantly hearing me complain about making a mess. I will never let my house get yucky but really, how is it going to hurt anyone if there are a few toys laying around until the end of the day. I will pick and choose my battles here because this I can tell you in unnecessary stress!!!

Lastly brings me to this blog. No worries, I have NO intention of giving it up. I love my little place here in the blog world and it gives me a place to be me, fitness-mama and crazed lunatic…ha!!. Some days though, it does almost become burdensome to me. I have gotten into the habit of blogging every day and while I enjoy doing so when I can, it also puts a lot of pressure on me on the days I find it hard to sit down at the computer. I don’t know why, it isn’t as if this is a money making machine(solely for enjoyment) but I still feel badly if I don’t publish something most days of the week.

That brings me to the whole Less=More. I don’t plan on drastically dropping my number of posts but I will not feel badly if I have the need to skip a day here or there. And you know what, I think that it will help keep me feeling fresh and motivated with what I write, too!!

Really, I just wrote all of that to say…..I still plan on blogging regularly MOST of the time but don’t be surprised if you see a day here or there where I decide to take a little blogging break!!!

(Thanks for listening and letting me work through that, y’all ;-))

Do you use the stability ball for your workouts very often? Are you good with your balance or do you still need some practice?

How do you prioritize what is important when your life starts to get busy?



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9 responses to “Sometimes Less = More

  1. I find that if I blog when I’m stressed or unmotivated, the post is usually boring or seems forced… because it is! Also, I like having a couple of blog posts stored up (usually recipe posts) so I can post those on days I don’t feel like writing anything.

  2. Stability balls are great, aren’t they? Especially at making me look awkward when I try and figure out new exercises. lol.

    As we head towards the holidays, things definitely seem to be getting busier. It’s all about finding that balance, and totally agree with your less = more theory.

  3. I hear ya not wanting to blog everyday. You have to come up with material. I will have to try that exercise at home. I don’t want to face plant at the gym! lol.. I feel overwhelmed too! Driving kids back and forth. I also work and take care of the house. I too am a neat freak! The mess drives me insane!!!!!!!! I do let it exist, but I work from home and my clients come here. So I really can’t have toys kickin around when I am working. Thankfully the kids get it! Ok have a good one. Enjoy your son. 🙂

  4. Um, those scorpions KILLED me! I had my share of face plants as well. lol

  5. I have a stability ball but it just sits in my closet 😦

  6. Scorpions definitely are a you know what, but such a great and effective workout!! Keep up the great work hunnie. You are doing awesome 🙂

  7. Not going to lie – blogging for me is last on my list just because of how crazy life is right now. I’d hate to get a bad grade on an exam just because I blogged

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