Pizza Pumpkin Party

A new week is upon us, my friends. Are you ready for it? Surprisingly, I think I am but first, let me take you back and share some of the fun I had this weekend.

Friday Workout

I finished up my third weight workout of the week with Best Body Bootcamp along with a 20 minute interval workout. This workout was unique because the focus was on unilateral training. For instance, instead of doing a normal squat, I did them one-legged which is so much more challenging. It also shows just how much stronger one side of your body is than the other. This workout took a little more time than the others but it was a great way to mix it up.

Friday Fun

It all started on Friday night when we had a family pizza and pumpkin party. Earlier in the week, I had purchased a big ol’ pumpkin at the grocery store and the kids would not stop with the asking, “Is if finally time to carve the pumpkin”? To keep them from bugging the daylights out of me, I decided to turn it into a “party” even though it was just our usual relaxed Friday night. My kids are easy though….add in a pizza, Halloween colored plates and napkins and a pumpkin to carve and a party it is!!

I like to knock on Walmart a lot because come on, it is just soooo easy to do(people of Walmart, anyone?) but they come through with their take n bake pizzas. I love them and for the price, you just can’t beat them!!

After looking up some ideas on how to carve the pumpkin, we got it all set up and let the kids get busy getting out all the guts.

This is the first year my son really got down and dirty with the pumpkin and he was so grossed out by it. I had to laugh because he is usually ALL boy but he kept complaining that his hands were getting gross. My daughter on the other hand, was having quite the fun time with it!!

Thank goodness I have an artistic husband because if the pumpkin carving would have been left up to me we would have had triangle eyes and nose and a jacked up mouth. Instead, we got this cool pumpkin with the eyes, nose and mouth that are in the shape of bats. Cool!!!



A local car dealership(or cluster of dealerships owned by the same person) hosted a Fall Festival in our community on Saturday that was completely free to the public. Camryn and Liam got to dress up in their costumes and it gave us a chance to get out and enjoy the chilly but very Fall-like weather.

Abbey Bominable and Snake Eyes!!!

If there are animals to be loved on, no matter where we go, my daughter will find them and make it like pulling teeth to get her away from them.

After playing with the bunny yesterday, Camryn has informed me that she no longer cares about getting a hamster…..a bunny will do just fine, instead. Uh……I don’t think so!!! I had one as a teenager(his name was Bunjiman) and while they are adorably cute they are a pain in the rear. If you let them out of their cage they poop all over AND they are known for eating things they shouldn’t….like my favorite pair of jeans!!

After the petting zoo, we played some games, met really tall men and even had a chance to sit in the police cruiser.

We ended up having quite the nutritious dinner of cotton candy and popcorn. Hey… was free ;-)!!

Sunday was pretty much a relax and doing nothing type of day, exactly how I like it!!! Now I am all geared up to take on this week and I have a feeling it is going to be a pretty good one. I mean, how can it not be when we get to celebrate hump day with cute kids in costume and lots of chocolatey treats!!

Did you go to any Halloween or Fall parties over the weekend?

Do you carve pumpkins with a stencil or are you more of a free hand type carver? I am neither….I am bad at it all!!



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5 responses to “Pizza Pumpkin Party

  1. You’re pizza party looks so fun! I’ll have to try those Wal-Mart pizzas! I’m normally not a Wal-Mart fan either.
    You’re kids look so great in their costumes! It’s always fun to dress up more than once around Halloween!

  2. What a fun pizza party night! && your pumpkins turned out awesome. I have no artistic ability either. Last year the hubs made a Penn State one with a nittany lion.. where as mine was just a typical smiley face that everyone does!

  3. I’m seriously impressed by that pumpkin! I’m horrible at things like that!

    And cotton candy + popcorn sounds like a perfect dinner to me!

  4. I ❤ pizza parties! It's always fun to make your own too 🙂

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