Eggplant and Cinnamon Apple Straws

I think it is only appropriate to start out by acknowledging the devastation happening in the Northeastern part of our country right now. I have friends in that area that are being affected but fortunately they are all safe and sound. Power outages are certainly no fun but if that is the worst one is dealing with in the wake of Sandy, I have a feeling many people are feeling grateful.

I stayed up well past my bedtime last night, glued to the television and twitter for updates and I am sad and shocked at the pictures I see. Mother nature can offer such beauty but man, she can certainly be a beast as well.

Sending out well wishes to anyone who has been affected by this storm. Hang in there….the sun will come out soon :-)!!


Last Nights Dinner

I made a new to me dinner last night and it was amazing! Last week while planning my meals for the week, I came across a recipe for eggplant parmesan. Eggplant is one of those foods that I have always been a little leery of cooking in my house. I have had it before(though limited times) and while I enjoyed it, I wasn’t sure how it would go over with my family. I decided to give it a shot anyway and I am glad I did.

The eggplant was sliced, soaked in an egg wash and coated in a breadcrumb/parmesan cheese mixture. I then popped it in the oven for 20 minutes, turning it halfway through and voila…done!! I was surprised at just how quick and easy it came together, especially because it tasted so great.Β  I found the recipe on Spark Recipes and would highly recommend it if you are a fan of eggplant parmesan but want a healthier version of it.

I can’t wait for lunch today because I get to devour the leftovers!!! Too bad I have to share with Liam…..who loved it just as much as I did. πŸ™‚

This week a new food found it’s way into my house and oh boy, it has become an addiction!!

I blame it on one of my friends who mentioned just how good these cinnamon apple straws were and how they were always out of them at the store. I figured if they were constantly out, they were obviously in high demand so when I saw them fully stocked and priced at $1.50 per bag, I couldn’t help but grab a bag.

One serving of these is only 130 calories and for that you get 38 straws!!!!! That’s a lot of snack, or at least it sure feels like it!

Shame on me…..after the fact I realized I should have grabbed a 2nd bag for her but honestly, if I had I probably would have kept it as my back up stash. ;-).


I meant to post my weekly meal plan on Monday but it slipped my mind so I am going to do it today instead. Forgive my forgetfulness, will ya!

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Eggplant Parmesan with Hidden Veggie Noodles and marina sauce

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Bites with sweet potato wedges and broccoli

Wednesday: Taco Soup(a Halloween tradition)

Thursday: Turkey Smoked Sausage with sun dried tomato quinoa and green beans

Friday: Out of town

All of this food talk has my tummy rumbling!! I have been a bit lazy this morning so breakfast hasn’t happened yet but that it about to change. Like right now.

Have you found any great new foods at the store recently?

Do you enjoy eggplant? What is your favorite way to eat it?



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10 responses to “Eggplant and Cinnamon Apple Straws

  1. Yum, I’m loving all of the parmesan!

  2. I don’t mind eggplant, but my husband really doesn’t enjoy it. It is the one food item that I’ve agreed to never use . . . as long as I can do whatever else I want. ha ha. πŸ™‚

    As far as a store find . . . I really like the Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn that I tried recently. I prefer to pop my own at home, but in a pinch, this was super yummy and easy to bring when hanging out with friends.

  3. There’s no way that my kids would eat eggplant! It looks good though!
    I have to try those apple straws! I buy dried apple from Whole Foods. they’re so expensive but their only 40 calories for the bag!

    • The straws are SO good! I finished off the bag today and I just bought them on Saturday. It could be worse though because there are only 6 servings per bag so I didn’t do too much damage calorie wise.

  4. There are very few foods that I don’t like. Eggplant is one of them. I think just because I overcook it all the time so it ends up mushy 😦 I can’t even buy those apple straws. I’d eat the whole bag!

  5. I prefer chicken parmesan πŸ™‚ Eggplant freaks me out!

  6. Funniest thing!! I think we may of used the same eggplant recipe! I JUST made it today for the first time this afternoon.

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