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Chocolate Covered Surprise and Gym Issues

Helloooo and Happy Friday!!!

Who has big plans this weekend? Not me. Well, I do have a few things going on but I am pretty sure they would bore ya so that tells you they really aren’t worth mentioning.

What is worth mentioning is my day yesterday!!


Lunch was at Subway with my sweet little boy, who was actually anything BUT sweet yesterday. Man, he was testing me but I tried with all my might not to be mean mommy on my birthday :-). We did have a nice enjoyable lunch, though.

The veggie sub is definitely my fave even though it is lacking in protein. I have a hard time eating lunch meat due to the texture. I only like it when it is shaved really thin and even then, it has to be from the deli and eaten within two days of buying it.


Lance came home from work early yesterday, carrying a couple bags of groceries and two very delicious looking cupcakes!! I wasn’t expecting a home cooked meal from him but I was pleased as punch that he was cooking because it meant that I didn’t have to.

Lance did a bang up job and now that his secret is out, he may be cooking a lot little more often.

Can you believe we didn’t even use paper plates? I use them a lot and have no shame but using the real deal is kind of nice sometimes!!


After a delicious meal of Chicken Caesar Salad and homemade garlic bread it was time to move on to dessert.

Dessert #1: My favorite red velvet cupcake from Ultimate Cupcake and a scoop of cookies n cream ice cream. Holy YUM!!!

Dessert #2: This one was a complete surprise and eaten much later in the evening because it arrived at my house via UPS at 8pm.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries sent to me by my incredibly sweet, smart and beautiful friend, Serena!!! I was so not expecting these and I have to be honest….I got a little tear in my eye. Thank you SOOOOO much, friend!!!! 🙂


Gym Issues

I don’t like admitting when I am wrong but in this case I am going to go ahead and do it.

I don’t like my new gym. 😦 I really have gym switching remorse and wish I would have kept my butt right where it was.

If you are unaware, a few months back I decided to switch to a new gym for a couple different reasons. The main one being that it is right up the road and very convenient. However, every time I go I have to fight to find somewhere to work out. It is a smaller gym(the location, not the chain) and the times I am available to go is also when everyone else seems to be available too. . I guess I could go at 5am but Lance has even done that before and he says it is still fairly busy.

Here is my real complaint: There is a trainer that works out with a small group of people, usually between 2-4 of them and they act as if they own the gym. They sit on the bench and chit chat in between sets(and they rest WAY too long) and don’t seem at all bothered that others may want to use the equipment as well. I am pretty confident in the gym and don’t mind asking to use a machine or set of weights while they are resting or whatnot but these people aren’t friendly about it. It just bothers me to no end. I pay for a gym membership, too and should be able to use it just as freely as them.

Cardio machines: They are always full and there seems to be no time limit as to how long people can stay on them. Again, it is a smallish gym and the machines are limited but I see people walking at 3.0 mph for an hour, chit chatting or watching television with no regard to others who might want to get in some exercise, too.

Classes: Don’t even get me started here. The classes are almost non-existent but the ones they do have are sub-par in my opinion. I could deal with this if I were able to get a decent workout in the weight room.

I realize I sound like a real big bratty baby in my vent here but I am just beyond frustrated. I have been working out at home more and more because I feel more comfortable and know I can get done what I need to get done in a timely manner. If I go to the gym, I can’t be sure of that. I HATE that I am locked into a contract with a gym that I completely dislike and wasting my money each and every month. I don’t even want to think about the issues that will arise once the New Year Resolution Crowds hit the gym!!!

Lesson learned: Do NOT switch gyms if you are at one that you currently like, even if it does mean driving 10 minutes further!! It’s worth it…trust me!!!

Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other cook for you?

Have you ever switched gyms and regretted it?








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35 Years Young

It”s my birthday y’all!!! And yes, I do expect Happy Birthday wishes from each and every one of you. I kid…I kid!!!

I thought I would be depressed about turning 35 but I have really surprised myself. I am beginning to realize that age really is just a number. I honestly feel better physically at my current age than I did when I was younger. What is it my dear friend said to me one day: Like a fine wine, you just keep getting better and better. It was kind of a joke but truly, I DO think we get better with age. Now, ask me that again when I am turning 45 and see if my answer is still the same. 😉

Another thing I don’t miss about being younger: lack of self confidence. I have to confess, I was pretty bad about it. I constantly compared myself to others, in real life and in fashion magazines. I have made leaps and bounds in that aspect of my life and I have to say, I really kind of like myself these days!! I am far from perfect and after having two kids via C-Section my body will never be the same but you know what, I will take a scarred body with the knowledge that is has turned me into a more confident person than a “perfect” unmarked body that doesn’t like the image looking back from the mirror!



My sweet friend, Brandi asked if I wanted to meet up for an early birthday lunch and since I am not one to turn down good company and good food, I agreed right away. We chose a new to Weatherford restaurant called Rio Mamba. I have eaten at a different location before so I knew from previous experience that it was quite delicious and my memory served me right.

I went with the Veg-Chaladas which are cheese enchiladas(my absolute fave!!) topped with sauteed veggies. They were served with a side of re-fried beans and some really yummy Spanish rice. I made a pretty good dent in my food, only leaving a little rice behind. Hey, it was my birthday lunch, it is a MUST to eat as much as you can :-)!!


You know what I love about my family? They suck at surprises.

Yep, I actually love that they cannot keep secrets or hold onto gifts very long because I am exactly like that, too. It takes all that I have not to blurt out “Hey, I got you a gift…wanna see it?”

Soooo, when Lance came home from work yesterday the first thing he handed me was a bag from Nordstrom. I had let out some pretty serious hints that I really needed new sunglasses. I bought a cheapo pair earlier this Summer because I can’t seem to NOT break glasses(uh, actually my KIDS seem to break them) but the cheapies just weren’t cutting it anymore.

I’ve got to say, he did a pretty good job picking these out all by himself. Nice!!

Another secret….my daughter let it slip that he is bringing me home my favorite red velvet cupcake from a local gourmet cupcake shop. All I can say is 5pm, HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!!

This is what I have to look forward to this evening!!


Liam and I are planning to hit up Subway for my 2nd birthday lunch today. He wanted to go on a “date” and who am I to say no. I let him pick where we were going and everything. Can you say Veggie Sub!!

To work off(prior to consuming) the cupcake I plan on having this evening, I thought I would keep with the theme and create a workout centered around my birthday.

11-29-12 Workout

11 Burpees

29 jumping jacks

11 pushups

29 Mountain Climbers

11 Squat Jumps

29 second plank

Repeat 3-5 x’s and go enjoy your day!!!

There you have it my friends!! I hope your day is as good as I plan on making mine!!

How do you feel about Birthdays? Do you enjoy them or dread them?

Favorite birthday cake flavor?

Do you like designer sunglasses or do you go for the bargain pair?


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Beautiful Blogger Award

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that I was nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award by Momtimes4!!

Remember Sally Filed, declaring, “You love me, you really love me when she won an Oscar??” Okay, that was in the 80’s so maybe you don’t remember it but that’s kind of how I feel today :-). And yes, I realize this is no Oscar but it feels great to be recognized my by fellow bloggers!!

Thanks Momtimes4 for the nomination!!! And if you haven’t checked out her blog, DO IT!!! They are short and sweet but always leave me laughing and shaking my head in agreement!!


Beautiful Blogger Award Rules:

The idea behind the Beautiful Blogger Award is to recognize some of the bloggers we follow for their hard work and inspiration.

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

7 things about myself

  1. I am almost 35 years old(tomorrow) and I still bite my nails. I have tried so many times to grow them out but have only had luck one time in my life. That lasted all of one month before I chewed them off again. It really is a GROSS habit and I would love to break it but for some reason I cannot seem to do it.
  2. I love reality television and I mean the trashy stuff! Any and all of the Real Housewives series will do just fine. I also love The Voice, Bachelor/Bachelorette’s, Big Brother and a less trashy series, House Hunters. Is anyone else addicted to that show?
  3. I have on ongoing “free pass” list. You know, if I somehow turned into a non married supermodel and was given the chance to “hookup” with someone list. My list currently includes: Adam Levine and Channing Tatum.
  4. My real life “hookup”, Lance and I have been together since we were 17 years old. That makes almost 18 years together which is crazy when I think about it. We have shared more of our lives together than we haven’t and we are still pretty darn young. Oh yes, and we have only been married for 8 of those years.
  5. I have an incredible desire to spend a Christmas in New York City with my family. I don’t know what it is but the city seems to have such a magical quality to it this time of year. I have never actually been there so it may be all in my head but it is on my bucket list and I plan to make it happen someday.
  6. I have a small-ish handful of real life friends and I like it that way. I am pretty picky about who I let into my life but I must say, I have done a great job about being choosy. It’s not that I am against finding new friends but I don’t really care for “casual” friendships. I want people I can pour my heart and soul out to, have fun with and not have to worry about being something I am not. I don’t do fake!!
  7. I love my coffee, specifically produced from my Keurig. How I ever lived without that thing, I am not sure. It just tastes so much better when it is freshly brewed, just for me:-). And my coffee must include creamer….always. I don’t care if it is not healthy because it tastes GOOD!!!

Now it is my turn to nominate some fellow bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

My nominees:

Run Eat Play: She is a fellow mom and fitness blogger. I love her dedication to exercise and her family, plus she has a sense of humor similar to mine!

Mission Mighty Mom: I actually found her through twitter and enjoy her blog for the motivation she provides. She is a mom to two small girls but maintains a fantastic approach to exercise. Recently she has gone through some health issues in her life but the positive spin she puts on it is quite refreshing!

My Food N’ Fitness Diaries: Ashley is a mom to be and has put the “baby bug” back into my mind. I really enjoy following her experience through this pregnancy. I mean, who doesn’t love all things baby.

Jessie Loves to Run: She has to have the most positive blog of any I have ever read. She lives in Kuwait with just her husband which is incredible to me. She is overall, just a sweet, sweet person.

Snack Therapy: Her blog is so much fun! I love the way she writes, letting her fun loving personality shine through. Plus she takes lots of pictures of yummy looking snacks that are wonderful for giving me new food/snack ideas.

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life: Courtney is a very well established blogger and I look forward to her posts everyday. Besides, I can always count on being able to go to her recipe page and find something easy and delicious to whip up for dinner. Seriously, she makes some good stuff and I can vouch because I have made more than my fair share of her recipes!

Eat Move Balance: I can always count on her blog to introduce super healthy and somewhat unusual foods(that’s a good thing, I promise) to me. She is a very creative cook but makes all of her dishes look easy. Now if I could just get my family on bored with trying some of these new foods!!

What are some of your favorite blogs? I am always looking for fun, new blogs to follow!!



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It’s a Keeper

Monday Night

Yep, I am totally sitting at my computer writing part of today’s post…… last night!!

I just got the kids to bed, took the most amazing scalding hot bath(anyone else like those as much as I do?) and will finish the night up laying on the couch watching The Voice on DVR. I cannot wait to see my favorites perform tonight. By favorites, I am referring to Team Blake!! They are the B-E-S-T!!

Something else that was the best….my egg scramble that I had for dinner. I headed to the gym later in the evening and since we had leftovers(more about those to come) I had the family finish those off and told them I would just fend for myself when I got home.

After working up a sweat on the step mill, I was so hungry I could have eaten a card board box when I got home. Luckily for me, I decided that an egg scramble was a much more acceptable dinner. 😉

Does anyone else wonder why eggs are labeled a breakfast food? In my opinion, they make a perfectly delicious meal ANY time of day. Who is with me on that?!

Anyhoo….that scrumptious egg scramble, this is what it consisted of: One whole egg, two egg whites, onion, spinach and sweet potato all covered in salsa verde and a teeny squirt of ketchup. YUM-O!! Oh, and I cannot forget the handful of Ginger Cat cookies that I wolfed down right afterwards. I guess I was craving the extra carbs:-)

Camryn also presented me with an early birthday gift. She had made something special for me earlier in the week and could hold off no longer!!

Bless her heart, she did an awesome job making my cool new glasses and bracelet. I mean, how cool do I look?!


Tuesday Morning

Chilly temps outside this morning called for a proper warm and hearty breakfast. What is better than a big ol’ bowl of oatmeal. Especially when it is topped with a nice little dollop of creamy peanut butter. Mmmmm, so good!!!

So, those leftovers I was talking about last night……it was one of the best dishes I have made in quite a while. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was craving Buffalo wings like crazy on Sunday night. I searched some of my favorite blogs, looking for the perfect recipe to cure my craving when I remembered one I had seen previously on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese.

Let me tell ya, this one is a keeper!!! I did change up the recipe slightly, to make it work with what I had on hand. The basic recipe was kept the same but I used my homemade cheese sauce(which is incredible) rather than the one that she uses. Either way, I bet you will be more than impressed. 🙂

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

  • 8-12 ounces of uncooked chicken breasts, cut into small chunks
  • 4 slices of turkey bacon
  • 8-10 ounces elbow shaped pasta
  • 1/4 cup onion, chopped
  • 1/4 cup celery, chopped
  • 1/3 cup wing/buffalo sauce(I used Franks Buffalo)
  • 6 TBSP white wheat flour(all purpose will work, too)
  • 3 TBSP butter
  • 2 3/4 cup non-fat milk of choice(I used almond milk)
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1.5 cups 2% shredded shredded cheese


  • Cook turkey bacon in a skillet, until crisp and set aside. Add chicken to skillet and cook over medium heat for 3-5 minutes until chicken starts to brown. Add in onion and celery mix and continue cooking another few minutes, until chicken is cooked through. At this time, add in your buffalo sauce and stir to mix in with chicken.
  • While chicken is cooking, prepare pasta according to package directions.
  • Once pasta is cooked, drain. You can also chop the bacon at this point.
  • While pasta is draining, add butter to a sauce pan, heated to medium and allow to melt.
  • Stir flour, salt and pepper into the butter and stir constantly for one minute.
  • Whisk in one cup of the milk, stirring continuously for one minute. Add remaining milk and stir regularly until mixture turns thick and bubbly.
  • Add in cheese and stir until melted and combined well. Add pasta and chicken mixture into sauce mix, folding it in until well combined.
  • Pour mixture into a 9×13 inch dish and top with bacon crumbles. Bake for 5-10 minute.
  • **May be served with additional buffalo sauce if an extra kick is desired**

Other than Thanksgiving food, what is the best meal you have made lately?

Do you consider eggs a breakfast food or any any time of day food?


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It’s Feeling Festive Around Here

It’s back to the grind on this Monday morning!!

I don’t know about you but I am actually excited about this week. And I promise, it has nothing to do with turning 35 on Thursday. 😉

While I am not thrilled about getting older, I am more than grateful for all that I have been given in my almost 35 years. I can only hope to continue on my lucky streak for at LEAST 35 more!!!


As promised, I got my house all nice and festive looking this weekend.

Trimming the tree was quite the project! I decided to decorate it a bit differently this year, going around the tree with mesh and ribbon rather than down the tree like I did last year. Whew, it took FOR-EVER but I think it was more than worth it. Besides, listening to Christmas music non-stop for three or more hours was an added bonus!

My kids hung most of the ornaments, at least on the lower part of the tree and I had the tall man of the house hang the ones higher up.

They were quite proud of their decorating skills and so was I!!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…….

And the Christmas Village that my Mother-In-Law gifted the kids was set up on the sofa table.

Every time I walk into the family room, I cannot help but smile and feel happy. There is just something so magical about a Christmas tree in a dark room, lit only by the glow of the lights from the tree. Ahhhhh, I LOVE it!!!!


Something else I am loving the last couple days are my green monster smoothies.

Those of you in cooler climates may think I am crazy for drinking a freezing cold smoothie in late November. The weather here in Texas has still been quite warm though, with most days in the 70’s so I can happily enjoy these delicious drinks. I love that I can get such good for me foods all down in a few slurps of the straw…especially after indulging in not so nutritious foods for a few days.

This particular smoothie included:

  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • one whole banana
  • frozen mango chunks
  • vanilla greek yogurt
  • frozen organic spinach
  • a few ice cubes to get it to the perfect consistency

I can almost betcha that I will be having another one of these today!!!!


Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Do you enjoy Christmas music? What is your favorite song? Mine is most definitely, O Holy Night!!

Do you still drink smoothies in the colder months or do you save them for Spring/Summer?


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