No Candy Diet

The weekend has come and gone….quite quickly I might add!!

I did enjoy the extra hour we got yesterday but it would have been even better if I could have used it to sleep a little longer. No such thing happening up in this casa with two kids who decided to wake up at their same ol’ time. Ah well….I did get them in bed a little earlier than usual last night.

There isn’t much on the agenda today, expect for getting the house all nice and sparkly clean. I might take my handsome little guy out and practice taking some pictures of him a little later. I have decided to attempt taking my own pictures of the kids for Christmas cards this year. I normally use a professional but I am going to postpone family pictures until the Spring so I am going to give it a go myself. Lord, help me now!!!!

Here is the picture we used last year so if you are on my Christmas card mailing list, don’t be disappointed if it isn’t nearly this good.

Photo by: Farm 2 Market Photography



Breakfast was pretty simple this morning. While I was at the store this weekend, I decided to pick up a packet of Better Oats.

I have had these before but it had been a long while. I remembered them being pretty good and they are super convenient so I went for it. Not to mention, they have a really short ingredient list and that is always an added bonus!!

My only complaint is how little it makes. It only filled my bowl about 1/4 of the way so next time I will use two packets instead of one. To help fill my belly up a little more, I ate a side of fruit on the side.

Frozen mango + frozen grapes= DELICIOUS!!!!

My kids discovered the greatness of frozen grapes this weekend at my MIL’s house and it is now the snack of choice around here. I have to say, they are on to something because they are G-O-O-D. This may be just what I need to keep my hand out of the kids Halloween buckets.

Speaking of……I.WILL.NOT.EAT.CANDY.TODAY!!!!! I had more than my share of it over the weekend and I am putting myself on a no candy diet starting today. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so I will refrain from stuffing myself with unnecessary junk until then ;-)!!


This week will mark week 3 of Best Body Bootcamp. I am excited to get started on it because this week the strength exercises are right up my alley!

I am mostly using the plan for strength workouts though Tina does provide a detailed plan for cardio several days per week as well. This week, I have decided to change up the schedule to make it work with the times I am available to go to the gym. Strength workouts will happen on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and I will make sure to get in two days of my own cardio the rest of the week. Doing my cardio at the gym is not always possible so I have to make the plan work for ME! That is actually what I like most about Best Body Bootcamp so far. In the weekly emails that Tina sends out, she makes sure to reiterate that you should DO WHAT YOU CAN!!!! That attitude makes it so much easier not to give up or throw in the towel in those moments where you cannot give 110%!!!

Since today was one of those “Can’t make it to the gym days” I went ahead and busted out Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred first thing this morning. That is always a good workout and while it is a pretty quick routine, it gets the heart rate up and me feeling nice and accomplished!!

Do you send out Christmas cards every year? Do you include a picture with them?

What do you think of frozen fruit? Like or dislike?



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8 responses to “No Candy Diet

  1. I buy better oats for my hubby to take to work! He likes the strawberry one:) Way to go on doing pictures yourself! I need to start doing that, seeing that I have a $700 camera;)

  2. I always find that the packaged oatmeal doesn’t seem to make enough for me. Weird though, because I portion out my own oatmeal pretty well . . . so I don’t understand it. Frozen grapes are awesome! But otherwise, the only other frozen fruit I have at home is used in smoothies or I let it thaw and stir it into oat bran.

  3. I’m glad to hear that my “do what you can” mentality comes across. That’s one thing I really wanted to make sure my boot camp provided…motivation to challenge yourself, but not a plan that was so overwhelming and unflexible it cause frustration and despair.

    PS – Stay away from that candy. Frozen mango and frozen grapes are nature’s candy, anyway. 😉

  4. I’m on board with your no candy diet! I ate way too much this weekend too!
    I love that family pic of you guys! We usually send out Christmas cards with a family picture, but I just have a family member snap the picture for me!

  5. I think day light savings time should be Sunday night instead of Saturday! Makes more sense to me 🙂

  6. Those oats are yummy! Uggggh caaaaandy…. Seriously, I think I ate more than my kiddos did. I’m on board with your no candy diet. 🙂

  7. I wish we had day light savings time over here. It’d be nice to gain an extra hour of sleep. Oh well, what can ya do.

    Ohh I love love frozen grapes. They are even better dipped in some whip cream 🙂

  8. my sister and I want to start a blog page together?

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