Black Friday Creep?

Last night I was in one of those moods. You know, when meat was the last thing I wanted to eat.

On the menu last night was turkey sausage with balsamic glazed brussel sprouts but when I was cutting the sausage into slices my stomach just kind of revolted. It is weird because there are times I am all about the meat but other times, the thought of it actually nauseates me. And just in case anyone out there is thinking it….NO, I am not pregnant!! I certainly don’t want to start any rumors!!

Since my family loves the sausage I went ahead and cooked it up for them but I decided to make an egg for myself instead. It may sound odd but one of my favorite food combinations is a fried egg on top of brussel sprouts. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Amazing!! I had some corn cooked up as well so I added that into my bowl for quite the delicious dinner.


Black Friday

Remember when Black Friday was all about getting up at 3am to hit the stores the day after Thanksgiving? Well, apparently that is a thing of the past. Instead, more stores are now opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving DAY and the new term for it is called Black Friday Creep.

I love a good deal just as much as the next person but I have my limits. I am just not a Black Friday shopper. I have gone in the past and I remember leaving thinking that the chaos is just not worth it for me. I also feel bad for the employees who aren’t able to fully enjoy their holiday and time with their family because they have to go to work.  However, I can understand the fun of it for others.

I know several people who do it every year simply because it has become a tradition for them and I think they go more for that reason than to become a crazy, insane “don’t touch it, that is mine” type of person!!

Source: via Ammie on Pinterest

And one for those of you like me……


Are you a Black Friday shopper or do you avoid the crowds?



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9 responses to “Black Friday Creep?

  1. I’m sooooo not into Black Friday. I can think of nothing worse than being out shopping on that day. I don’t like shopping on a regular day, much less in that madness. I’m a big fan of scoping out the online deals! In my pi’s, on my couch. 😉

  2. Glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t want to eat meat all the time. It’s not that appealing to me but I’m better with it. I’ve never been out for black Friday. It does sound like fun though 🙂

  3. I have never been out on black friday – my mom avoids that day like the plague! haha.

  4. Serena Lero

    Um I need to try the egg on b.sprouts like NOW! Do you do a runny yolk or cooked? I love me some black Fri but I will not be out shopping on Thanksgiving day. I will do online black Friday this year unless there is something mind blowing like last year’s trampoline and Xbox. Here’s my deal: I get in line for something special early…I do not show up late for a hot item then start beating people up like a dumba$$….I do not push people out of the way for socks that are $3…cuhrazy. Happy Thanksgiving almost!!

  5. I don’t do the black Friday thing. I’d rather sleep in!

  6. Not a fan of the whole black friday thing. I absolutely hate crowded areas!

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