Cake Balls and Holiday Goodies

Well, hello there!!! I hope everyone’s day is starting off of the right foot.

Our house is having an extended weekend…sort of. My kids have today off from school so while it is fun for them, it is another day of a messy house for me. I try not to stress over it but I really do look forward to getting my house back in order on Mondays.

You see that room…..yep, that is my kids playroom and it was CLEAN and organized yesterday morning. This morning, not so much. Thank goodness I can close that door and pretend that mess does not exist.


The highlight of my weekend? A one year old birthday party. My oh my, I am living the crazy life ;-)!

It was actually a fun little party, especially since I got to hang out with some friends. Not to mention the birthday boy is quite the cutie AND there was delicious food which you won’t ever find me complaining about.


Amber, the birthday boys mommy and Brandi(my friend and aunt of the little guy) did a great job with the decorations and food for the party.

Hello ladies!!!!

I had eaten lunch before we got there so I didn’t dig into the frito chili pie bar but I loved the idea and it was a big hit with the other guests.

I did however, help myself to some goodies on the dessert table.

Brandi made pumpkin shaped cake balls and they were delicious!! I may be the only person in existence who is not a huge fan of the cake balls with the icing mixed into the cake. I don’t know why but the texture kind of grosses me out. Give me my cake and icing separate, please!!

These cake balls were actually just spice flavored cake, made into balls with the help of a cake ball maker. No icky icing mixed in to ruin them!!


While I was shopping this weekend I couldn’t help but get in the Christmas mood. There was Christmas music playing in just about every store I visited and there is no shortage of Christmas decorations and food lining the shelves.

When I saw these, it took every ounce of self control I have not to throw them into my basket.

If I didn’t have a bucket full of Halloween candy in my house I certainly would have splurged on these but right now, I have to make the sacrifice for my waist line. However, these will be perfect for enjoying at a Holiday get together a little later next month.

What I did pick up……

These limited edition English Muffins!!!

How good do these look? I haven’t busted into them yet but that is about to change. In about 5 minutes. This will be my breakfast this morning and I have to say, I am a LOT excited about it!!!

I’ll let you know the verdict tomorrow!!!


This weeks MEAL PLAN

Monday: Feta and Spinach Crustless Quiche

Tuesday: Mustard Chicken with sweet potatoes and green beans

Wednesday: Mini Greek Meatballs with tzaiki and quinoa

Thursday: Left overs

Friday: Skillet white beans with spinach and tomatoes

Are you a fan of the new cake ball trend?

Are you enjoying the Christmas cheer in the stores or is it a bit to early for you?



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7 responses to “Cake Balls and Holiday Goodies

  1. Your playroom looks like mine, except yours is neater. Those cake balls look so good!

  2. I went to a 1-year old’s bday party, too, this weekend. No cake balls though. And that’s okay–I’ve never been a huge fan either. And I especially don’t ever want to go through the trouble of making them myself. Ugh. The recipes always seemed to be a bit much for me.

  3. I will be buying both the Chex mix and English muffins….great! lol. They just look so good.
    I love the little pumpkin cake balls – they are so cute!
    I am getting very excited about Christmas – I bought a 8 foot inflatable Santa yesterday much to my hubbys dismay 🙂

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