My Colorful Weekend

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving week?!!

I actually have a bit of mixed feelings about it. I don’t have a lot of cooking responsibilities for Thanksgiving day so that isn’t a problem but as much as I love the fest of food provided, I kind of dread it, too!!

I really dislike that overly full feeling you get after gorging yourself on rich, carb-loaded foods but I can never seem to restrain myself because let’s face it–that stuff is good!!! I am going to go into this years Thanksgiving meal(s) being mindful of what I am putting into my mouth. By no means will I try to eat healthy(they are plenty of other days for that) but I am going to eat what I like best and keep my portions on the smaller side.

Now dessert….I make no promises, there ;-)!!

Other than the whole eating thing, I am super excited to spend the day hanging out with the people we love the most. Of course, it also begins the official Holiday season for me. Tree decorating and Christmas decorations will definitely make an appearance this weekend!!

By the way, here is the new tree we bought!! Lance set it up when I was at the grocery store yesterday and I kind of love it!!! Our house already feels so festive, even without all of the ornaments and mesh on it.



Color in Motion 5K

We had such a BLAST this weekend running the Color in Motion Dallas 5K!!

My mom came in to watch my kids so Lance and I were able to head out pretty early that morning.

We were running the race with some friends but we arrived about 30 minutes before them. I am always early for everything and they are always late just on time for everything(Sorry, Brandi…you know I love you!!!) so I took the opportunity to use the port a potties(gross!!!) and snap some pictures of the gathering crowds.

In our goodies bags, we all had a free pack of color to use and there was also extra available for purchase. You were supposed to keep your color for the very end of the race at The Color Bash but I think that was asking too much. There was LOTS of color being thrown around before the race even started. People were serious about getting their color on!!

When Chris and Brandi arrived we hung out for a short time, getting the requisite “before” pictures, before moving into the corral to wait for the race to start.

I am not sure how many participants were in the race but the largest bib number I saw was in the 6000’s so it is safe to say that it was a pretty large event.

I have to say that this was definitely a fun run. It would be a perfect 5K for a first timer, walker or someone working their way up in time. There was actually no timer so you didn’t have to worry about being competitive. Well…..I take that back. You could certainly be competitive about how much color you got blasted with!!

I LOVED that aspect of the run. At certain markers throughout the course, they had stations set up with people that color blasted you as you ran through.

This was just after being blasted all over my face with yellow! The funny thing is, I knew that they got my glasses but I had no idea my face was covered until the end of the run when I asked if I had any on my face. I think this picture answers that question.

I have to give props to my friends! Neither of them had done much training at all for running a 5K but they hung in there and finished strong. I was proud of them and hopefully I can talk them into doing something like this again. Running with friends is so much more fun that doing it by yourself!!!

There was one small factor that sort of bummed me out about this race. There was really no post fuel snacks or drinks available like every other 5K I have run. I am not sure of the reason but I always look forward to that aspect of it. Besides, I was kind of starving by the time I was done. They did have a very small supply of coconut water but by the time I got one, I had to settle for a warm one. Not good.

Regardless, I still had a wonderful time. What better way to start a weekend than with good friends and supporting a good cause like The-Make-A-Wish Foundation. I will definitely be back next year for another colorful weekend!!!

What is the most fun 5K you have participated in?

Do you prefer to run by yourself or with others?

Do you plan to splurge on Thanksgiving or will you eat normally?

Main meal or dessert?



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4 responses to “My Colorful Weekend

  1. Looks like such a fun race! They do a Color Run here in Chicago too – maybe I should do it! That’s kinda weird about the no post-run refreshments!
    We did a Monster Dash 5k with zombies and obstacles a few years ago and I really liked that race.
    Love your Christmas tree!!
    Have a great week!

  2. hey! That looks like such a fun race day, wish I went into something like that!
    I definitely prefer to run by myself, but hopefully one day i’ll do the group or partner running thing and see what that’s like!

  3. Ah, this race looks like so much fun. Glad the four of you had a great time. I think its’ too funny that you didn’t realize you had paint all over your face Ha Ha.

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