Cookin’ in the Crock Pot

This week at the grocery store, I picked up a box of the yummy pumpkin spice waffles I found earlier in the season. I figure with Thanksgiving inching even closer, I had better get my fill of all things pumpkin because I kind of think I am ready to move on. I love the stuff, I really do but you can only handle so much of a good thing, right?!!

I plan on eating this for breakfast most days this week, at least until the box is gone. I am loving this combo, it is tasty and leaves me full pretty much until lunch time. Served with a steamy cup of pumpkin spiced coffee and I call it the perfect way to start my day!!

Working Out

Something else I will be incorporating into my week is this little workout that packs a big punch!!! I have seen this workout on Pinterest but over the weekend I really paid attention to it when I saw that one of my favorite fitness models, Jamie Eason was adding it to her morning routine.

This workout looks easy and it is quick but let me tell ya, you will be huffing and puffing with a few drops off sweat rolling off of you when you are finished. I timed myself this morning and it took me about 10 minutes total to complete it and that was with a one minute rest in between sets.

I plan to do this workout every morning for the next week, seeing as I can probably handle all the extra calorie burn I can get. 😉

I will keep make sure to keep this workout handy for those days when 1) I am too lazy to dedicate a full 30-45 minutes to exercise or 2) times like now, when I just want to turn it up a notch!! I mean it is only 10 minutes…we all have time for that!!

Last Nights Dinner

I adore my crock pot. Like really, really think it is pretty darn special!!! I don’t use it nearly as much as I should but that is going to change, pronto. Cooking meals in it makes life SO much easier and I like the fact that I can cook pretty large portions in it, too. Hello, leftovers!!!

Last night I used it to make a delicious pot of chicken stew. This is another recipe I discovered from the greatness that is Pinterest and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This dish was full of veggies, lean protein and exceptional flavor!! I can wait for round two at lunch today!!

I made some cornbread on the side for dipping(it’s a must!!) and it made for a houseful of happy mouths.

Today’s Plans

Camryn only has a half day of school today so I think I will take the boy and run to the Dollar Tree before we have to pick her up. I am looking at making some Christmas decorations on the cheap!! I probably have too many decorations as is but I found some cute ideas for table centerpieces on (here we go again) Pinterest and I want to see if I can make something just as cute. I am thinking if it turns out they could make really great neighbor and teacher gifts, too.

I want to get all excited about the project but I have this feeling that when I get there, all I am going to see is a bunch of decorations that look like….well, dollar items. Pinterest has this way of sucking me in, making me believe I can be a crafty decorator extraordinaire but I quickly find out otherwise when I go to duplicate it.

Oh well……here is to giving it a shot!!!

Do you tend to slack on your workouts during the Holidays or do you turn them up a notch?

Favorite food to make in the crock pot?



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4 responses to “Cookin’ in the Crock Pot

  1. Isn’t Pinterest great for finding new ideas (or even just reminding you of old ones). I’m addicted. I’ve also been totally addicted to using my crockpot. Things have been ultra busy, and it’s been a lifesaver to have a healthy dinner ready when I get home. During the holidays, I totally kick up my workout routine. It feels great, and then I tend to feel better about having more of my mom’s homemade treats and such. So worth it.

  2. I should check the Dollar Store for Christmas decorations – thats a good idea. And I buy tons because they’re only a dollar! I love the crock pot – I use it for chicken tacos, beef stew, and pot roast and stuff like that.
    Honestly, I let my workouts slide a bit during the holidays.There’s just so much to do!

  3. The crock pot is my one true love. Amazing!

  4. I love anything pumpkin spice!

    I don’t have a crock pot but I am thinking about getting one.

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