Ice Cream Robbery

Oh my goodness, I just kicked my own butt, courtesy of a workout that Tina over at Carrots N Cake posted last night.

I was in the need of a quick workout today and felt like trying something new. When I am working out at home, I like to mix my workouts up to keep them feeling fresh and motivating. I won’t lie, sometimes it is easy to “phone it in” when getting workouts in at home. Today, that was not the case!!

I will admit to needing a couple breaks throughout this workout. It took me 13:35 to finish this one up and my legs were toast at the end. When I think about the time, it is hard to believe that a workout that short can actually be effective but my body felt more worn out after this than many of my longer workouts.

I have been a slacker this week on the Best Body Bootcamp but I definitely plan on getting back into the swing of it next week. The workouts are awesome but I prefer to do them at the gym and since that wasn’t possible this week, I subbed other workouts in instead. I think the most important thing to remember is that as long as you do something to stay active, it is okay to stray from a “plan”.


Speaking of straying, I somehow found myself in a Cold Stone Creamery yesterday afternoon. I had promised my kids frozen yogurt if they were good while we were shopping. I know, I know…..bribing with food is what “bad” moms do but don’t knock it until you need good behavior out of your kids for a couple hours! 😉

We couldn’t find a yogurt place and Cold Stone was right around the corner so we stopped in there.


I love ice cream and actually prefer it over frozen yogurt but I was pretty disappointed yesterday. I ordered the smallest sizes for all of us and it was $16.00!!! I think that put a bad taste in my mouth right away. I mean for $16 I could have bought FOUR, count them….FOUR cartons of ice cream at the store. WTH?!

My kids didn’t even get anything special. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.

That was just ice cream robbery if you ask me!!

I found myself craving a little something after dinner last night but since I had treated myself to overpriced ice cream earlier in the day, I figured I shouldn’t put any more sugar in my body. Instead, I settled on a delicious, warm comforting cup of Candy Cane Lane tea.

This is a seasonal tea so it is only around a couple months out of the year. I LOVE this tea and most definitely will be stocking my pantry with it before it goes away for the year.

A little later this afternoon, we will be heading to our adopted family friends, Chris and Brandi’s house to celebrate our first Thanksgiving meal. I am super excited for it because it will be a pretty large gathering. Both Lance and I come from really small families so our get-togethers are a bit more intimate. However, I like the hustle and bustle and craziness that large families bring and am honored to be a part of it!!

How many Thanksgiving meals will you be enjoying this year?

Do you enjoy dessert teas?

Have you seen results from shorter  but intense workouts?

Ice Cream of frozen yogurt?



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4 responses to “Ice Cream Robbery

  1. Growing up, we weren’t allow to have ice cream out . . . my Mom would always say, “we can have ice cream at home for a fraction of the cost!”. At the time: annoying. Now: So. True.

    I’m actually in love the the self-serve soft-serve frozen yogurt places that have been popping up. I like sampling the flavors and building my own cup. 🙂

  2. i’d be sending an email straight to coldstone regarding your experience!!!!

  3. Oh coldstone is ridiculously overpriced. It drives me nuts!!! I mean yes it’s good but by no means is it THAT good! Ha Ha.

    Can I pick custard instead of frozen yogurt & ice cream??

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family ❤

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