Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are about to head out on a two hour trip to our hometown to spend the day with our family so I will keep this short and sweet!!!

While there are MANY things that I am thankful for in this life, I am only going to list the non-material items because honestly, as long as I have these, I truly have everything!!!

1. Lance. I have truly been blessed in the husband department. He is a hard worker, has an incredibly kind heart and is a tremendously awesome father!! Plus, he is pretty cute, too:-)!!

2. My kiddos. I lived 27 years without these two but I have to say that life truly began for me when I welcomed these little babies into the world. They definitely keep me on my toes and while many days I want to pull my hair out but their hugs, kisses and “I love you’s” more than make up for it!!

3. Family. Lance and I both come from small families, made even smaller by losing some family members much too early in life. It is a reminder to never take your family for granted.

4. My friends. I am pretty picky about my friends. Not that I don’t want many but I won’t let just anyone into that club. Somehow, I have been beyond blessed with some incredible friends who really are more like family. Love you guys….the ones near and far!!!

5. Our good health. I have definitely had my fair share of loss in life due to failing health so this is the one thing I never take for granted. Each day that I am healthy and able to enjoy this life, I will smile because of it. Too many people can not say the same.

6. God. I realize not everyone has the same views as I do but I will never apologize for my great love of Him. After all, I would have none of the above gifts in my life without the love and sacrifice He has made for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, spent with family and friends and feasting in your “thanks”!!!

What are you most thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day?


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  1. Great post. It was so wonderful to hear everything you are thankful for in life. I hope you & your family had an amazing Thanksgiving ❤

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