Chocolate Covered Surprise and Gym Issues

Helloooo and Happy Friday!!!

Who has big plans this weekend? Not me. Well, I do have a few things going on but I am pretty sure they would bore ya so that tells you they really aren’t worth mentioning.

What is worth mentioning is my day yesterday!!


Lunch was at Subway with my sweet little boy, who was actually anything BUT sweet yesterday. Man, he was testing me but I tried with all my might not to be mean mommy on my birthday :-). We did have a nice enjoyable lunch, though.

The veggie sub is definitely my fave even though it is lacking in protein. I have a hard time eating lunch meat due to the texture. I only like it when it is shaved really thin and even then, it has to be from the deli and eaten within two days of buying it.


Lance came home from work early yesterday, carrying a couple bags of groceries and two very delicious looking cupcakes!! I wasn’t expecting a home cooked meal from him but I was pleased as punch that he was cooking because it meant that I didn’t have to.

Lance did a bang up job and now that his secret is out, he may be cooking a lot little more often.

Can you believe we didn’t even use paper plates? I use them a lot and have no shame but using the real deal is kind of nice sometimes!!


After a delicious meal of Chicken Caesar Salad and homemade garlic bread it was time to move on to dessert.

Dessert #1: My favorite red velvet cupcake from Ultimate Cupcake and a scoop of cookies n cream ice cream. Holy YUM!!!

Dessert #2: This one was a complete surprise and eaten much later in the evening because it arrived at my house via UPS at 8pm.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries sent to me by my incredibly sweet, smart and beautiful friend, Serena!!! I was so not expecting these and I have to be honest….I got a little tear in my eye. Thank you SOOOOO much, friend!!!! 🙂


Gym Issues

I don’t like admitting when I am wrong but in this case I am going to go ahead and do it.

I don’t like my new gym. 😦 I really have gym switching remorse and wish I would have kept my butt right where it was.

If you are unaware, a few months back I decided to switch to a new gym for a couple different reasons. The main one being that it is right up the road and very convenient. However, every time I go I have to fight to find somewhere to work out. It is a smaller gym(the location, not the chain) and the times I am available to go is also when everyone else seems to be available too. . I guess I could go at 5am but Lance has even done that before and he says it is still fairly busy.

Here is my real complaint: There is a trainer that works out with a small group of people, usually between 2-4 of them and they act as if they own the gym. They sit on the bench and chit chat in between sets(and they rest WAY too long) and don’t seem at all bothered that others may want to use the equipment as well. I am pretty confident in the gym and don’t mind asking to use a machine or set of weights while they are resting or whatnot but these people aren’t friendly about it. It just bothers me to no end. I pay for a gym membership, too and should be able to use it just as freely as them.

Cardio machines: They are always full and there seems to be no time limit as to how long people can stay on them. Again, it is a smallish gym and the machines are limited but I see people walking at 3.0 mph for an hour, chit chatting or watching television with no regard to others who might want to get in some exercise, too.

Classes: Don’t even get me started here. The classes are almost non-existent but the ones they do have are sub-par in my opinion. I could deal with this if I were able to get a decent workout in the weight room.

I realize I sound like a real big bratty baby in my vent here but I am just beyond frustrated. I have been working out at home more and more because I feel more comfortable and know I can get done what I need to get done in a timely manner. If I go to the gym, I can’t be sure of that. I HATE that I am locked into a contract with a gym that I completely dislike and wasting my money each and every month. I don’t even want to think about the issues that will arise once the New Year Resolution Crowds hit the gym!!!

Lesson learned: Do NOT switch gyms if you are at one that you currently like, even if it does mean driving 10 minutes further!! It’s worth it…trust me!!!

Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other cook for you?

Have you ever switched gyms and regretted it?








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5 responses to “Chocolate Covered Surprise and Gym Issues

  1. Sorry you are not happy at your new gym. Bummer! People with no gym etiquette really irritate me as well.
    And, to answer your other question…The Hubby “loved” to cook before we got married, fancy dishes even. Once he put a ring on it…that was it. No more. I joking tell him that he conned me…haha!
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. That stinks about not liking your new gym! Seriously–I’d be upset (because I HAVE to have a gym to go to, and since I go often, I’d really like it to be something I enjoy). Can you switch back? It might be worth it in the long run–even if you have to break the contract–if it means enjoying working out again. You know? Just a thought–to look at the big picture. Can you handle it for a while? Or is so bad it’s worth the money to switch.

    Oh–and the chocolate covered strawberries?!? omg–divine!

  3. I am the one that does the cooking in the relationship. I don’t trust her. LOL.

  4. What a sweet husband you have. The meal turned out great =) Hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend.

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