The Riley Express

Good morning!

Man, this weekend was a tough one for me. I was pretty melancholy the entire time, just thinking about the loss that our country and fellow parents have had to endure. While the children and teachers will remain in my heart and thoughts, I am definitely ready to make this a week of focusing on the positives in my life.

It actually started last night when I decided that we needed a family date night! Actually, we were supposed to do it on Friday but since Camryn came down with the stomach bug that kind of put a wrench in our plans.

Last night, we headed out on an adventure that we named, “The Riley Express”. Instead of hopping on a train, we hopped in the mini van(it’s my husbands work vehicle, NOT my car…thank you very much) and begin our night of fun.

The first stop was at Sonic because the kids had been begging for a corn dog all day long. I normally cannot stomach hot dogs(bleck) but when we pulled up and looked at the menu I kind of changed my mind.


I went with the New York Dog which is a hot dog covered with sauerkraut, grilled onions and spicy mustard. It was really delicious….as long as I didn’t think about the hot dog part.

Next up was a stop at Crave, the frozen yogurt shop near our house.


I forgot to mention, I let the kids wear their pj’s out on the trip which they thought was the coolest thing ever. Well, the coolest thing ever after I convinced them that the workers would not throw us out for wearing them.


 I deserve some cool mom points for that, right?!

I got a mix of eggnog and birthday cake flavors but the egg nog was most definitely my favorite. It tasted just like the real thing without all the fat and calories. It is safe to say I will be making a trip to fill up another bowl really soon. Yummo!!!


Finally, we drove around looking at the Christmas lights. This is one of my favorite past times and a traditional that we do every year. As a kid, other than opening my gifts on Christmas day, this was hands down my favorite thing to do. While it was fun last night, I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed in the outdoor Christmas decorations this year. Regardless it was fun and there is no other way I would have wanted to spend the night than making memories with my darling little ones!!


Camryn has her school field trip this morning and Liam and I are going to join her on it. Today we will be seeing the real Polar Express….the movie that is. It will be fun though because it will be at the Omni Imax Theatre which is always a fun viewing experience!!


Know what I did this morning? I forced and I mean forced myself to get out of bed really early(like 5:30am) to get a quick workout in. I am really starting to tell that my workouts have not been up to par this month but I am not going to be too hard on myself. I remind myself that I am still doing a whole lot more than most people and while I would like to hit it a little harder, I am glad that at least I am doing something!!

Today that something was a Fat Blaster workout from The Chalean Extreme program. It was basically a 30 minute HIIT workout but it was loads of fun and one I will be doing again. But how lame is this? I have had these DVD’s for ohhhhh, 3 years or so and I JUST realized this workout was on there. It may have taken me this long to find it but it is one I will be putting into rotation for sure!!!

Hot Dogs. To eat or not to eat?

Egg Nog. To drink or not to drink?




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6 responses to “The Riley Express

  1. Your family is beautiful!!

  2. ^^ Couldn’t agree more w/ the above comment! I love that your night out was simple, yet filled with amazing memories xoxo

  3. What a fun time! I personally love hotdogs. They are one of those fun, social foods. 🙂

  4. Family time is always needed every once and awhile!

  5. I love the pajama frozen yogurt night! Kids love fun things like that!
    I’m not a hot dog or an eggnog fan!

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