Twelve Hours

It’s going to be a good day y’all!!! Just because I say so :-).

It may have something to do with the twelve hours of sleep I got last night. Yep, that is right…12 hours!!! The sad thing is that still doesn’t make up for all the hours I missed from the previous two nights. Goodness, I was an exhausted mess because after I came home from the gym and ate dinner, I literally passed out. And I have the best husband EVER because he cleaned up and puts the kids to bed and just let me sleep the night away.

That is LOVE, my friends! 🙂

Even though I felt like poo most of yesterday, I did manage to make it to the gym. I didn’t push it though and stuck to just a couple miles of running. Besides, I haven’t run in what feels like forever so I wanted to take it easy. And I did.

I was dreading the gym because I figured I would have a hard time getting a treadmill but shockingly, there was only one other person on one. I am certainly not complaining, but where were all of the New Year Resolution makers?

I don’t know, but they sure did miss out because the gym had a basketful of Justin’s samples and coupons they were giving away. That is motivation enough for me to make it back. I want to snag a couple more before the week is up!!

The not so good news from last night…..Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf.

It was a bomb.


It was edible as far as I was concerned(just don’t ask my family) but it wasn’t something I was excited to eat. It was mushy which I was NOT expecting. Oh well, not all recipes can be winners.

I did manage to eat a piece, with extra glaze on top(cause that part was good) along with a spinach salad.



After my restful night of sleep, I got up this morning and made myself the most delicious cup of coffee. I even took an extra minute to froth some milk to go on top.



After getting in a great workout, courtesy of Billy Blanks, Tae-Bo Bootcamp, I fueled myself up with a delicious and healthy(but freezing cold, brrrrr) green smoothie.


This week one of my main focuses is going to be on getting in lots of green veggies. While I like salads I am not always in the mood for them so loading greens into smoothies is a great way to make sure I get them in.

I think I am going to go hop into a steamy hot bath(my favorite) to warm up and then hit up Costco or Trader Joe’s for some good groceries. I sure hope y’all have as good a day as the one I plan on having!!


Has your gym been busier since the New Year began?

What is your favorite way to incorporate green veggies into your diet?



January 3, 2013 · 10:30 AM

7 responses to “Twelve Hours

  1. Yay for green smoothies!! Glad your feeling better–and love the attitude. Today is going to be a great day!!

    I’m heading out to TJ’s today, too. Time to restock on some healthy eats now that New Year’s is over. I tried shopping on the morning of NYE–bad idea. The store was mobbed! I’m hoping the crowds have finally cleared. 🙂

  2. When I first read what you wrote about the loaf, I thought you said “It was THE bomb”. I was thinking “Cool – I’m going to try that”. Good thing I read it again!

  3. I read it at The bomb too! Too bad it didn’t work out 😦
    Gald you’re feeling better!

  4. Good for you for making it to the gym! A quick sweat usually helps me feel better. Bummer about that lentil loaf… A mushy loaf definitely doesn’t sound appetizing.

  5. I’m jealous of your empty gym! Mine has been packed with people who will quit after two weeks.

  6. Yay for:

    1. Feeling better
    2. Getting in a run
    3. Sample packets of Justin’s AB
    4. Wonderful husbands
    5. Grocery shopping


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