Sleep, Running and Bras

Today’s post is going to be a jumbled mess. No particular reason other than me not being able to get a real post worked out in my head. Maybe it has something to do with the killer crick in my neck/shoulder that creeped up on me this morning.

1. Yeah, that crick that I have…I think it is my punishment for sleeping in too late this morning. I slept in until 9am this morning and it was GLORIOUS, until I got out of bed and couldn’t hold my head straight! WTH? I don’t know if you remember, but the same thing happened the last time I got some really great, deep-sleeping shut eye. Hmph!!

2. There is an outdoor running/walking/biking trail in my town that I have been on several times in the past. Each time I have run it, I have always started from the same trail head, which is a park. Today, however, I had to go to a grocery store near a different trail head so I decided to start from there instead. It was 50 degrees and sunny outside-perfect running weather!! Well, leave it to me to pretty much get lost on a trail. Okay, maybe I wasn’t lost but I couldn’t figure out how to get to the part of the trail I wanted to be on. The trail is pretty straight forward so why I couldn’t figure it out is beyond me. I am blaming it on the crick in my neck!! At least I got in a decent run though I have NO idea how long it was since the mile markers didn’t match up with the directions I was going in.

3. Speaking of running…..there is a teensy tiny piece of me that is tempted to attempt a half marathon. Problem, it is only 6.5 weeks away. Another problem. I haven’t been running all that consistently the last couple months. I am pretty sure I could do it but I am not sure I could do it without hurting myself. Thoughts on that one? Has anyone run a half-marathon with only 6 weeks of training? Maybe shooting for the 10K is a better place to start!!

 4. Bra size? Okay, maybe this part is going to be TMI but I will share anyway. I pretty much consider myself to be a 34 B(maybe C at certain times of the month). Not too long ago I went to Victoria Secret to buy a new bra and figured I would get fitted while I was there. To my surprise, I am no where near a B cup. Try 32 DD instead!!! Holy Moly, that sounds huge!!!! Strangely enough, it really isn’t. Trust me, I just about freaked when the saleslady brought me the bras. I assured her that they would be ginormous on me….until I tried it on and it fit perfectly!!! So, there you have it. Go get fitted. Odds are, you are probably wearing the wrong bra size!!



( I wanted to make this picture bigger but for some reason it won’t let me and I am too lazy to worry about it. Sorry, a little boob picture will have to work instead ;-))

5. We are having cauliflower crust pizza for supper tonight and I am beyond excited about it. It has been a good while since I have made it because the crust can be just a bit time consuming-but totally worth it! I am still debating about what toppings I am going to put on it but honestly, you could give me some sauce and cheese and I would be a happy camper!!


Have you been fitted professionally for accurate bra size? Did you think it made a difference?

Have you tried cauliflower crust pizza? What are your favorite toppings?



January 5, 2013 · 3:12 PM

16 responses to “Sleep, Running and Bras

  1. Sorry to hear about the crick in your neck – that’s the worst! Glad you got a great night of sleep though! As for the half marathon in 6 weeks, I’d say if you think there’s a possibility you might get injured, I wouldn’t chance it. There’s always another race that you could do that would allow for you to be able to train longer. Just my two cents! 😉

  2. B to a DD! I wish I had that problem 🙂

  3. Kristi R.

    So I’m a 32D (sometimes DD) too! Weird. Also, I think you should go for the 10k first – 6 1/2 weeks till the half marathon is probably not enough time if you haven’t really been training much. If you want to do the half and run it slowly and walk when you need, then I’m sure you can finish it. Just don’t put any kind of time pressure on yourself. I’m doing a half marathon on Feb. 23rd in Central Park. It will be VERY cold I’m sure!

    • The 10K it is!! I found a friend who wants to do it with me so I am excited. There is a half in April that I can do if I still feel like it. Good luck of your half, though I know you won’t need it!!

  4. Too funny about the bra fitting! That’s crazy!

    I LOVE cauliflower crust pizza–I think it’s the only recipe that I’ve posted about more than once on my blog. It’s so good . . . . and I like that it’s healthy and lower calorie, so I can enjoy the more important things . . . like a wine that pairs perfectly. 😉

  5. Hey ya I was fitted! 32 A mortifiying!! lol.. apparently the kids sucked the life out of my perky B’s! Oh don’t do the half. You def could do it, but you would pay the piper after! The 10k should be good to train for in that time. Enjoy your pizza!

  6. I went my whole life thinking I was a 32DD until I got fitted… And found out I was a 32GG! Holy Shhhhh! The weird thing was, though, once I got bigger bras, everything looked much smaller and compact. A great-fitting bra can do incredible things!

  7. You slept till 9? Jealous! 7 AM for me me. I had a lot to do!

  8. I’ve always wanted to make/try cauliflower pizza crust! Sounds delish!

  9. Man I wish had some double D’s happening in my area!!

  10. My mom always told me that proper bra looks SO much better than wearing a smaller size 🙂 Not to mention the girls just feel more supported haha.

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