What Defines Being Fit

Most of the time by blog is pretty light-hearted but sometimes I like to trick y’all and post something a bit more thought provoking. Today is one of those days. I hope you don’t mind!!

I have to admit, being fit has meant different things to me at different points in my life but over the last couple years I have really come to grasp the idea of what a fit person is, at least to me. In order to finally define the word(in my mind) I had to go through some learning curves, finding out the hard way what a fit person is NOT!!

Before I go on any further with this post, I want to clarify that I am by no means putting anyone down and/or trying to offend with my opinion. I am simply stating what I as a Fit-Minded Mom have come to believe being truly fit is all about.

To start, I am going to list what I DO NOT necessarily believe makes a fit person.

What a “Fit” person is NOT

  • A  size 2 or 4. Size does not matter.
  • Having ripped arms or a six pack stomach.
  • Obsessing about your diet and never allowing yourself a treat.
  • Obsessing about exercise and feeling guilty if you take a rest day.
  • Distancing yourself from friends/family because you are afraid of being in social settings due to diet and exercise restrictions.
  • Judging others for not sharing the same lifestyle as yourself.

What a “Fit” person IS

  • A size that is healthy to their body frame and height. That may be a size 2 or a size 10.
  • Having a healthy body fat percentage. It does NOT have to be in the teens and you do not have to have ripped muscles to be at a healthy percentage.
  • Eating a clean healthy diet the majority of the time and allowing yourself an occasional treat if you feel like having one.
  • Exercising most days of the week, but knowing that it is okay to take rest days and even GOOD for you.
  • Enjoying the time you spend with family and friends as this is good for your emotional well-being.
  • Genuinely wanting to help others become healthy but not looking down on them if they aren’t ready to share the same lifestyle.

I am by no means saying that if you are a size two and ripped you aren’t healthy. That would be stupid of me. I mean, of course you can be a size 2 and fit….just look at me Winking smile. I kid…..I kid. I am SO not ripped.

Once upon a time, the top list was me(well, minus the being ripped part). I was striving so hard to be a “fit” person that I was actually far from it. Yes, I could lift a decent amount of weight and yes, I could run pretty far but I was constantly obsessing about how I could be better. How I wasn’t good enough the way I was. I looked at other people, be it fitness models or friends and wondered why I couldn’t be like them.  I cut out carbs, obsessed about calories and I worked out two times per day but I still couldn’t find the person I was striving to be.

Not long ago, it finally dawned on me. I will never measure up to those people because I AM NOT THOSE PEOPLE. I have a curvy body(which my husband loves), I love to eat(healthy and unhealthy) and I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family without stressing about what is being served for dinner. When I finally woke up and realized all this, I became a far happier and more fit person.

I started exercising by doing activities that I enjoy. Sometimes it is running, other times it is weight lifting and not one of those is more right or wrong than the other. I don’t “diet” anymore. Do I eat more than I should at times? You betcha! However, I also fuel my body with good for me foods so that I don’t have feelings of guilt when I eat a little too much junk.

While I may no longer be at my thinnest or most lean, I truly believe that I am closer to being more fit now than I ever have been in my life. I say this because I now KNOW how to get lean and lose weight without losing myself in the process. I don’t deprive myself and I refuse to compare myself to others. I am strong. Want to arm wrestleWinking smile?!

While I am still on the journey to reach my personal goals for the scale and body fat percentage I know I will get there in a healthy way. And I will be happy in the process! Smile


Do you consider yourself to be a “Fit”person?

In your opinion, what makes a person “fit”?

Have you ever been what others consider to be fit but still felt badly about yourself and your habits?



January 8, 2013 · 7:15 AM

17 responses to “What Defines Being Fit

  1. I love this honest post! I admit, I sometimes catch myself still “judging” others who don’t have the same lifestyle as me and it’s definitely something that I need to work on. But I don’t have any problem eating healthy AND non-healthy foods (in moderation, of course!)

  2. Amber

    I used to think I had to be under 20% body fat to be healthy too. Ha, the one thing I love about getting older is getting wiser! I agree with everything in this blog! Thanks to you and all the Spark ladies I’ve really been opened up to what healthy REALLY looks like! ❤

  3. Awesome post! For me, fitness = health! I like to look at things like blood pressure levels, a healthy heart rate, etc; all of those things that contribute to a long and healthy life!

    And being able to get through a good workout without keeling over doesn’t hurt, either ;).

  4. Great thoughts! I used to be in that top list as well, and I guess I’ve learned that frankly, there’s more to life than just that (and unfortunately, that was not an easy lesson to learn). Of course, that doesn’t mean now I want to throw all caution to the wind, start eating crap and sit in front of the tv all day . . . it just means that my life does not have to revolve around super-strict eating habits, never missing a workout and obsessing over all of it in the back of my head. It’s all about finding that healthy balance!! That’s how I came up with the name of my blog–Eat Move Balance. 😉

    • I agree. I just feel like those who obsess constantly, while maybe looking fit on the outside are usually struggling with binge eating and feelings of inadequacy. It really is all about BALANCE!!

  5. Oh–and love the new profile pic on your blog. Beautiful!!! 🙂

  6. Hey, I was your definition of not being fit for a good 10 years. I was ripped and obsessed and judgemental. Now at 40 I am still lookin pretty hot, lol.. but I don’t obsess about food, I actually like days off from the gym and I know plenty of people who are much bigger than I am and can probably kick my ass! lol.. So I am definitley fit now. Physically and mentally!!! Mentally is the most important one! It is all in how you feel. This is why I like your blog. You are real and live your life to happy. That is what we should all be doing. 🙂 xo

  7. I love this post and totally agree with you. I really had to stop comparing myself to others and do what made me happy – that includes eating ice cream and treats but still workout out and eating healthy. I always wish I could be skinnier, or fitter, or run faster. But I try not to compare myself and just work on being healthy. I would describe myself as “healthy in progress.”

  8. Great post! I think someone who is “fit” does it to feel healthy, not look a certain way.

  9. AMEN SISTERR!! I absolutely LOVE your outlook on what being “fit” truly means.You truly did nail this post =)

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