Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Some mornings, it is really hard to wake up. Today is one of those days. Yawwwwn!! I just want to go back to sleep.

Since that isn’t happening, an extra-large mug of coffee will just have to do. That combined with a workout, ought to do the trick to get my body revved up for the day!

Today is also the official start day of Diet Bet. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes I can make in the next four weeks. While I hope to meet my weight loss goal, which is 5.32 pounds, I refuse to let myself become all consumed with it. Over the next four weeks, I plan to keep my workouts really consistent and be mindful of what I am eating(by journaling my food) but I will only step on the scale twice per week.


Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This is a recipe I made last Saturday but am just getting around to sharing. Sorry about that. Really, it is truly wrong of me to wait this long because if you haven’t seen or heard of this recipe, you are being deprived!!


I love pizza. Like REALLY love it. My tummy however, does not. Even so, I splurge on occasion and eat a couple of pieces knowing full well I will be pretty much miserable afterwards. Most of the time, it is worth it but sometimes I wish I would have refrained.

The great thing about Cauliflower Crust pizza is that I get to crush my craving for pizza without feeling yucky afterwards. While it is super-duper delicious, I cannot lie to you and say that it is just like the real thing. It is not. After all, the crust is made out of cauliflower, not flour!


Still, if you are looking for an incredibly tasting, healthy alternative this is a great place to start. Even my non cauliflower loving husband cannot get enough of this pizza!! I promise.

The recipe I use is one I found on Pinterest and while I know there are others out there, this one has never done me wrong so I am sticking to it!!

In the past when I have made this recipe, I have had a slight issue with the crust sticking to the pan but I figured out how to solve that little problem. Simply bake the crust on parchment paper rather than a greased pan and voila, it comes up perfectly!!


We topped this particular pizza with mozzarella, feta, spinach and black olives but the possibilities are endless!!


I was so excited to be able to pick this up and eat it like a real piece of pizza. Due to the sticking to the pan issue in the past, I always had to eat it with a fork. Not this time!!

Mmmmmm, just wishing I had some of this for lunch today. Sadly, I do not:-(


Favorite pizza topping? 

I love mushroom, onion and cheese but my family despises mushrooms so I hardly ever get to have it.

How are you coming along on your goals for 2013?

For myself, so far so good!!!




January 10, 2013 · 8:03 AM

11 responses to “Cauliflower Crust Pizza

  1. Yum–I love cauliflower crust pizza! I need to bring that back soon, it’s been a while now. My favorite toppings for pizza are broccoli florets, onion and mushroom. Oh, and hot sauce! 🙂

  2. I’ve been seeing this all over the inter-webs lately! Such a great idea 🙂

  3. Yum! I am definitely going to try this this weekend! Cauliflower is hanging out in the fridge waiting to be devoured!

  4. I’m so glad to hear that the cauliflower crust tastes good! I’ve been it alll very but I’ve been so skeptical about it. My all-time favorite pizza topping is definitely plain old mozz, basil, tomato.. Yummmm.

  5. I am definitely going to try this. I love pizza but won’t eat it due to gluten issues! UGH!! I wonder if the kids will like it??? Did yours? I can lie and say that it is regular crust! They might buy it! lol…Thx for recipe

    • My kids did eat it but they didn’t devour it like normal pizza. My kids however, aren’t that picky so I cannot guarantee other kids will love it. You could always try adding lots of toppings to theirs in hopes they don’t notice the crust too much.

  6. Oh wow that looks so good and like a perfect friday night dinner in idaho! Thanks for sharing i hope mine turns out like yours!!!

  7. I love cauliflower pizza crust! I haven’t made this in a while, so thank you for the reminder!

    Also, I just stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed reading through your posts. We have similar values in regards to health and fitness. I am looking forward to following it!

  8. Amber

    Yum! I need to try this now! Mini pizzas on sliced zucchini are very good too!
    Have you tried mashed cauliflower? I LOVE it and don’t think I’ll eat mashed potatoes again! Well, not that often! 🙂

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