The Secret to Weight Loss

Happy Friday Eve Y’all!!!

You are going to be happy to know that I have discovered the secret to weight loss/weight control. Are you ready for it?!

Yep, that’s right. The Easy Bake Oven!!!

It is especially helpful when your daughters’ friend has a cook book full of Easy Bake Oven Recipes.

Check em’ out!



All of my favorite foods, in extra miniature size portions!!!

I am actually kidding….you knew that, right?! However, the idea behind it, which is eating the foods you like in moderation really IS the key to weight loss and weight control. Now if only I can remember this in the future. It is hard to do when you have the appetite of a 300 pound man!!

Since we are on the subject of food(but when are we not), I thought I would share a couple of my meals from yesterday. Only because they were so tasty. πŸ™‚

For lunch I had a couple of eggs(one whole, one white) along with a veggie burger and it was crazy delicious. I am loving eggs lately, especially the organic ones I have found at Costco. Of course if you top anything with Franks Buffalo sauce it is bound to be delicious!!


We recently ran out of propane for our grill and since it has been a bit cold for grilling anyway, I decided to try a new approach to making turkey burgers last night. I stuck them under the broiler for probably 15-18 minutes, flipping halfway through and they turned out pretty darn good. I maybe could have taken them out a couple minutes sooner but I am a paranoid freak about eating under cooked meat so I prefer it dry over food poisoning. That’s just me, though. πŸ˜‰




2.60 mile run on the treadmill. 26 minutes total


Brooke Burke Strengthen and Tone DVD- This always leave me nice and sore, especially in my upper body. Ouch!!

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Did you have an Easy Bake Oven as a child?

What food do you have a hard time eating in moderation? For me, it is definitely things like chips. Instead of reaching in the bag, I have to count out a serving or I go way overboard.



January 17, 2013 · 9:12 AM

5 responses to “The Secret to Weight Loss

  1. It is hard to eat chips in moderation. Especially at a mexican restaurant with good salsa!

  2. I never had an easy-bake oven–but wanted one so desperately! lol. I have a hard time eating home-baked sweets in moderation. Which is why I don’t bake much. I get plenty from when other people do the baking. πŸ™‚ But thank goodness, it’s only the BEST (home-baked) stuff that I enjoy that much–store bought sweets don’t entice me at all.

  3. I looooved my Easy Bake oven but I think I only used it once or twice. I remember being kind of peeved at how small the servings were (like, 1 or 2 bites). Some things haven’t changed.

  4. I bought Jaden an easy bake oven for his birthday last year…
    I cannot eat peanut butter in moderation! I love it!

  5. Haha I think I’ll take the risk of food poisoning…

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