And The Winner Is…..

Hey y’all!! I hope you are having a fantastically fun Friday!!!

Sadly, this isn’t going to be much of a post today. I have had a crazy busy day with errands. I am JUST getting home and in 20 minutes I have to run off to pick my little man up for school.

However, I did promise to announce the winner of the got milk? Magic Straws Giveaway so here I am!!

The lucky winner is:


Alisha-Dietbet sounds like a really cool concept- good luck with your bet! ;) And Iā€™m all over the wild berry milk straws haha.

Alisha, just shoot me an email with your full name and address to and we will get the straws sent your way!!


I do have a hot date to look forward to tonight so I am quite excited about that!! It has been waaaaaaay too long since the hubs and I have been out. Thankfully, our favorite couple, Chris and Brandi are coming along so it is sure to be a fun filled night. Even if it is just a little dinner and a lot of BS’ing ;-)!!

And now, it is time to end the lamest blog post ever.

Except for Alisha…..this ought to be a pretty cool blog post for her ;-)!!

Have an incredible weekend everyone!!!



January 18, 2013 · 2:04 PM

3 responses to “And The Winner Is…..

  1. Have date night! Danny and I are having a date night tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  2. Have a fun time on your date šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  3. Ahhh! This is the FIRST time I’ve ever won a give-a-way on a blog….EVER! I’m way too excited right now! Emailing you, now! šŸ™‚

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