ABC Time

Happy Hump Day!!

I had every intention in participating in What I Ate Wednesday BUT I forgot to take pictures of oh….. about half my meals yesterday so that idea kind of went out the window.

I still want to keep today’s blog light and fun so I decided to participate in a fun little survey I found over at Danica’s blog, It’s Progression Not Perfection.

ABC’s of ME

Addictions: Reality television. Specifically, the Real Housewives shows. They are SO drama filled and completely trash television but they have me hooked in a bad good way!

Bed size: Queen. With two kids who like to snuggle up with us, it is NOT nearly big enough.

Chore you hate- This one is a tie between laundry and unloading the dishwasher. I don’t actually mind doing the laundry, so much as folding it and putting it away. Torture…ha!

Dogs or cats: 100% dogs!!! Kittens are cute but I am severely allergic to cats so I really have no use for them. Sorry all you cat lovers.


Essential start of your day: Coffee. It is not a good morning in my house if I don’t get it right away. Thank you Keurig for making my coffee making so simple and quick!!


Favorite color: Purple…I think. I really like pink as well. I am calling it a tie.

Gold or Silver: Either. I used to be soley a silver fan(or white gold) but gold definitley has it’s place.

Height: 5’4″. I am actually a tad bit under but I think we all round up. I like my height, not too short, not too tall.

Instruments you play: Currently I play nothing but in Jr. High School I played the trombone. I pretty much hated it. I wish I played piano!!

Job Titles you’ve had: I had LOTS of jobs in high school/college. Let’s see…cashier/hostess/babysitter/administrative assistant/ escrow coordinator and my most favorite of all, MOM!

Kids: Two beautiful babies!!! They are my heart ๐Ÿ™‚


Live: Texas, baby!!! Near Fort Worth to be a bit more specific.

Mom’s name: Valerie

Nickname: Growing up, everyone called me Suzie. A few close friends still do but I prefer Suzanne now that I am a grown up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overnight hospital stays: Three. A tonsilectomy when I was in high school and for the birth of my babies.


Pet Peeve: Tardiness

Quote from a movie: ” You is smart, you is kind, you is important” – The Help

Right or left handed- I’m a righty

Siblings- One brother. Sadly, he passed away almost 5 years ago.

Time you wake up: Usually 6:00-6:30am during the week but I get to sleep until 7ish on the weekends!!

Underwear: Come on….we are getting a little personal now, aren’t we?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vegetables you dislike: Oh man, I like most of them. Let me think on that one……

What makes you late: Not much because I usually plan ahead BUT my kids have been known to make me late on a couple occasions. They ALWAYS have to use the bathroom right after we get in the car and get buckled up. Sigh.

X-rays you’ve had: Teeth and that is it. Unless we count sonograms and I have had lots of those.

Yummy food you make: Cookies and cakes!! I love baking and I would definitely say I am better at that than actually cooking. I am not a bad cook but I am not exceptional by any means.

Zoo animal: I love the elephants and zebra but the chimpanzees are always quite entertaining. Especially when they throw their poo at you…haha!!!

Pick a few questions to answerย and let me get to know you as well!!!



January 30, 2013 · 11:33 AM

5 responses to “ABC Time

  1. I’m right-handed, get up at 4:00 am every weekday, and do not have any kids. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day!

  2. Fun survey! I used to play the trombone too! Funny!

  3. Totally with you on the RH addiction. It just sucks you right in.

  4. What a fun survey! Pet peeve: Slow drivers, Height: 5’1 and three quarters… so let’s just say 5’2″ shall we.

  5. Addictions gum and coffee, chores I hate all of them, Essential is my coffee throughout the whole day and height i am 5’8 and I love I am tall but not awkward.:)xo

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