Two Week Ab Challenge

You know, I am liking early mornings lately but I would like them SO much better if I weren’t having insomnia at night. What is up with that?!

Normally, I get insomnia if I have something on my mind or am dealing with a high stress situation but my life is pretty relaxed and stress free at the moment. Who knows, but tonight I am praying for a restful nights sleep.

After drinking my first cup off coffee this morning, I made myself a big cup of water and added a healthy dose of apple cider vinegar.

Whoooo Weeeee, that stuff is potent!!! Normally when I drink it, I add it to a few ounces of apple juice(MUCH more palatable!!!) but I didn’t want to drink my calories so I just put it in plain water. I’ll tell you what, if coffee doesn’t wake you up, THAT certainly will!!!


Last night, my friend Serena sent me an email(well, text actually) with a 2 week ab challenge attached. It is a program she came up with for herself and she was nice enough to share it with me. Now, I am going to be nice and share it with YOU!! Serena is in the process of studying for her personal training certification so I am more than happy to be a “student” for her. Plus, she has been in a couple fitness bikini comps so she pretty much knows what she is doing :-).

Serena ab challenge

See what I mean……

Source: Serena’s Facebook page

Between that workout and Brooke Burke’s 30 Day Slim Down my abs and booty are on FIRE!!!! Oh boy and now I hear Alicia Key’s singing, “That girl is on fiiiiire, that girl is on fiiiiiiire…… Anyone else with me on that ;-)!!!


Before my workout this morning, I scarfed down an Amazeball that I made yesterday. If you haven’t been to the Fitnessista’s site for this recipe, do it now. These little balls are incredible!!! However, they are 130 calories a pop(and 8 grams of protein) so you have to have pretty decent self control. The good thing, the recipe only makes 4 balls so you can’t get too carried away!!


After my workout I refueled with a 2nd cup of coffee and a Chobani Strawberry Greek yogurt topped with a little Special K protein cereal. Kind of boring but it did the job.


Liam and I have a full day ahead of us. We are going on a little library/Subway date here in a bit. I swear, my kids chooses Subway Every.Single.Time. he gets the choice. I am not complaining because it could be soooo much worse. McDonalds, anyone?! I am just happy that he naturally wants foods that include veggies rather than foods that include lots of grease. Proud mommy moment!!!!!


Do you drink apple cider vinegar? What benefits have you seen from it?

Favorite body part to work? Least favorite body part to work?

I love working my legs and booty but dislike abs. My abs are weak so it hurts!!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?



January 31, 2013 · 10:26 AM

13 responses to “Two Week Ab Challenge

  1. Amber

    I take apple cider pills. I can’t choke down the real deal! What do you use it for?

    I dislike working out my abs but the are my favorite part to be sore.

    For breakfast I had orange, pineapple, lemon, cucumber, carrot juice. I wanted extra vitamin c because I woke up with a little stuffy nose! I don’t think I liked the lemon in it!

  2. Hey had to ditch the ACV it did made whatever stomach issue I have worse. Now I am on to aloe juice. Not really much better! UGH!! Hope it works for you. 🙂 My favorite body part to work is my abs. I hate to do legs, but I loveeeeee the feeling the next day. love/hate relationship. 🙂 Enjoy your date. My kid always pick mcdonalds!Yuck

    • I have heard the aloe juice tastes BAD!! Any worse than the ACV? I am sorry to hear it made your tummy issues worse. It really does help with my heartburn so much. It has been a lifesaver.

  3. I’ve never taken apple cidar vinegar before but I’ve heard it has good health benefits. You’ll have to let us know how it goes!
    I love working on my arms but I hate lunges!

  4. I drink ACV every morning . . . and was going to write a post about it soon. I put about a tablespoon or two in with a big glass of water, and 4 drops of stevia (or half of 1 packet). It’s the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. The first time I had it, it was a bit much. But then it grew on me! Now I crave it. 🙂

  5. I’ve been thinking about starting to drink ACV lately…’ll have to let me know if it starts to get easier to choke down. ha! That workout looks killer!

  6. I havent tried ACV yet but I have been reading a lot about it! I think I may try Michelle @ Eat Move Balance version with some stevia in it first until I get used to the taste 🙂

  7. I absolutely LOVE this ab challenge. I may have to join in 🙂 🙂

    && Subway always wins too. I mean 1. You can’t beat the prices, 2. && it’s fresh!!

  8. Never really understood the ACV thing. Seems like a fad?

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