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Sloppy, Sloppy Joes

Gooood Morning!!!

How is everyone finding themselves on this Monday morning? If you were having too much fun this weekend to hop on the internet (and my blog) you can check out what I had to say yesterday if ya feel like it. If not, that is A-OK, too!! 🙂

I was able to get some meal planning done this weekend which is always nice!! I have been so much better about it than I used to but some weeks I could certainly do better. I am pretty much excited for my menu this week as I think I have some yummy dinners in my future!!

We are going to start with last nights dinner because it was downright tasty!!!

Turkey Sloppy Joes Baby!!!

This recipe is one that I have made several times and it continues to be a hit. It is super delicious and comes together in about 30 minutes. The original recipe actually calls for it to go in the slow cooker but let me tell you, it works just as well on the stove top!! I don’t know what it is but something about this messy meal just makes me happy. I think because it takes me back to childhood. I mean, who didn’t like sloppy joe night as a kiddo?!


To complete the meal, I roasted up some ranch red potatoes!! Mmmmmm, mmmmm good!!


Meal Plan: Week of February 25th

I may change some of the days around based on what I am in the mood for but you get the basic idea!!!


I am still debating about whether I am ready to return to it today or not. I am cautiously optimistic that I am starting to feel better but I don’t want to overdue it and set myself back. I still have quite a bit of congestion and my ear is still stopped up but my chest doesn’t feel nearly as tight. I am thinking I will play it by ear(no pun intended!!) as see how I feel this afternoon. If my energy is up, I will pop in a Jillian Michael’s or Brooke Burke video and if not, I will just sit on my couch and be lazy.

Except not really, because I have a house to clean. That is exercise in itself!!


Do you like sloppy joes? How about as a child?

What is one food that takes you back to your childhood?

What is in your menu this week?




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National Food Holidays: March Edition

How is it that National Margarita Day and National Banana Bread Day both fell in the same weekend and I missed them?! Not fair!!!I guess I could make up for it by consuming both in one day. I mean, it is still the weekend!! 😉

I am thinking that a margarita might do a better job of making me feel well than all this medicine I am on. I guess if I am not feeling better by tomorrow it is off to the Dr. I go. I just hate wasting money on co-pays and meds but I dislike feeling miserable even more.

Now back to that subject of food!!! Specifically, National Food Days. Since I didn’t do such an outstanding job of keeping up with the ones that just passed, I thought I would do a little research and see what was coming our way in March.

Oh boy, there are some good ones!!!

March 1st, National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

March 6th, National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

March 7th, National Cereal Day

March 14th, National Potato Chip Day

March 18th, National Oatmeal Cookie Day

March 25th, National Waffle Day

March 26th, National Spinach Day

And for those of you who might like weird(read: GROSS) things like this, March 30th is National Turkey Neck Soup Day. I may have just thrown up in my mouth a bit over that one!!!!


As always I had a wonderfully delicious cup of coffee this morning. Actually, I may have had two but shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone!!!

My most favorite way to drink my coffee is with a little splash of creamer. My 2nd favorite way:

Coffee was followed by this gorgeous plate of food!! It may not be “National Breakfast Sandwich Day”, officially, but I sure celebrated it up in our house this morning!!

Homestyle biscuit, no nitrate bacon(the REAL stuff) and a fried organic egg.

Such a nice way to start the morning, minus the hacking, sniffing and stopped up ear!!!


If you could create a “National Food Day”, what would it be?

Which of the March National Food Days will you partake in?


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Not The Picture of Health

If you have come to my blog looking for healthy meal ideas today, run fast because you sure aren’t going to find them here today!!!

Yep, today, I am far from the picture of health, in more than one way.

Yesterday, I woke up with what felt like needles being stuck in my throat and a horrible earache. I am like a 5 year old when it comes to sickness. Any time I get a cold or sinus infection, I get a nice little ear infection to go along with it. I swear I have a five year old living in this 35 year old body. Ha!! I am awful about taking medicine, especially cold medicine because truthfully, it makes me feel worse than the cold. This time was certainly NO exception. It was all I could do to drag my butt out of bed this morning and I have been fighting my Zombie like state ever since. Yawnnnnnn!!!

On top of that, my appetite is really low but when I do eat, it is comfort-ish, foods. You know….toast and peanut butter, Greek yogurt……

I know, you are thinking, “What is wrong with those foods?”.  Nothing, nothing at all.

Except, I wasn’t finished yet. ;-). I forgot to add in the sweet potato tater tots and large diet coke from Sonic.

You know, I might feel a little bad about it if I weren’t feeling so crummy but today it was what I wanted and I went along with it!! Tomorrow I can go back to stuffing lean protein in my mouth……maybe!!

I did manage to resist one of my favorite kinds of candy EVER when I went to Walgreens to pick up some pain medicine.

These Cadbury Mini Eggs are soooooo freakin’ delicious!!! I will help myself to a package or two sometime before Easter but I didn’t just have to have them today. I will wait until my taste buds are in perfect working order so that I can enjoy every little chocolate coated egg in that package!!! 🙂


I did manage to get a workout in but I certainly didn’t give it 100%. I would say more like 70% effort but considering that it was level 3, 30 Day Shred, 70% still worked up quite the sweat. And I can tell you that if Jillian makes you angry when you are feeling good, she will definitely turn into your enemy when you aren’t feeling so hot!!


I have learned as a mom to bite my tongue when saying the words, ” I will never“.

Let’s see how many times I have had to take those words back…..

  • I will never let my kid eat sweets for breakfast
  • I will never let my kid sleep in my bed
  • I will never yell at my kids like that mom does
  • I will never let my kid act that way in public
  • I will never let my kid keep a paci until they are over two years old

And the lastest: I will never let my kid own a Power Wheels. Those are for lazy kids.

Here is the thing. I do think children should be outside, running around playing, riding bikes and expending energy. And you know what, both of my kids do, on a very regular basis!! My son has an obsession with trucks and last weekend, he played on one of these at his friends’ house and he was over the moon about it. When we saw an incredible deal on Craigslist, I just couldn’t pass it up!!! We are calling it an early birthday present(he turns 5 in March).

However, as much as he loves this new toy, I WILL make sure it is not the only thing he plays with. Like everything in life, moderation is key so he will still be getting just as many miles out of his bicycle as he will he F150!!!


Do you ever eat fast food? If so, which is your favorite place?

I will be honest, I DO love Chick Fil A and Sonic but it is quite rare that I eat there. As much as I love it, my body does not!!

Favorite Easter Candy?

Did you enjoy riding your bike and playing outside as a kid?

I was a total tomboy and was constantly outside. Bike riding, tree climbing and dumpster digging were my activities of choice…ha!!


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Game Time Tuesday: Would You Rather

Good morning and happy Tuesday!!!

After yesterdays sightly “heavier” post, I thought it would be fun to take it to the lighter side today. What better way to do that than play a fun little game. I am going to call it:

Would You Rather

I will list a topic with two different options and you tell me which one you would rather. K….got it. Let’s go.

  • Celebrity Trainers

Jillian Michaels


Bob Harper


  • Breakfast Foods





  • Weather






  • Exercise





  • Grocery Store

Trader Joe’s


Whole Foods

My Would You Rather Answers:

Celebrity Trainer: Jillian Michaels- I need the hardcore personality because I can be a bit….stubborn!

Breakfast Food: Oatmeal- I will always pick carbs over protein. I can’t help it.

Weather: Give me HOT!!- I don’t do well in cold temps and I always feel like I am in a “funk” come Winter time.

Exercise: Weights because I do them circuit style which means I get strength and cardio in one!

Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s!! I love their quality AND their prices. Besides, Whole Foods in a 45 minute drive for me.


Which would YOU rather? My only rule….you have to pick ONE from each category. No “on the fence” answers!! That is what makes it fun!! 🙂


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Keeping Up With the Joneses

Missing: The author of the blog titled, Fit Minded Mom.

I am not even sure I can fully explain why I disappeared there for a while but I will give it a shot. I guess my number one reason was that I just wasn’t feeling the whole blog thing. While I was enjoying reading them(for the most part….and more on that in a bit) my desire to sit down and share just wasn’t there. More specifically, I didn’t care to share what I was eating or how much I was exercising because it all just seemed a bit….bland.

Now, I truly enjoy reading other blogs where people are giving the exact same type of information but for whatever reason, they seem to do it in a much more interesting way. At least that is how it seemed at the time.  In reading other blogs, I can genuinely feel the passion they possess for what they are writing. For me, the last month or so, it had felt forced.

I still find myself asking the questions why? Why now, after over a year did I just not find it fun anymore?

After letting myself think about it for a couple weeks, I am pretty sure that I am close to coming up with an answer.

1. I have never been one to “keep up with the Joneses”. I feel like I live a pretty simple life and while I enjoy nice things(who doesn’t) I have never felt compelled to have what others have just for the sake of having it. Until this whole blogging thing that is. I don’t have the desire(or the time, truthfully) to create cool graphics to showcase my workout of the day. I don’t have an ultra fancy camera and correct lighting to create top notch photos and I don’t have the creativity to post more than once a day. While all of that is more than alright, I went to a place where I felt like it wasn’t. I started to feel like I had to “Keep up with the Joneses” in the blog world. Thankfully, I have come to realize that I live a simple life and my blog will reflect that as well. It is me and surely if you are here reading my blog, THAT is what you want to see. More of me and less of others. If not, you should probably move on to one of those other blogs……I mean, I like them, too 🙂


2. Mom Guilt- Yep, it is as simple as that. Between cleaning my house, cooking meals, working out, running errands, being chauffeur, afterschool activities and doing all of my other mom duties, blogging was starting to not fit in very well. Or should I say, I was not allowing it to fit in very well. Like so many other moms out there, I forget that it is okay to take time for myself(other than my steaming hot, nightly relaxing bath!!) to do something that is important to me. Yes, I workout most days of the week but if I am being honest, much of the time there is a little one “working out” right beside me. To create a bit more time, I have moved my workouts to earlier in the morning so that I do have some time to sit and type out my thoughts.

3. While I really do have a passion for health and fitness, I feel like I am on a journey to find something more. Even if I didn’t have a passion for it, I would probably continue to do it simply because it is good for me. I love my family(with all my heart) and I love fitness but I feel like I am missing something. I know much of it has to do with my youngest child growing up. He will be going to Kndergarten in the Fall and I plan on heading back to work. The problem is, I don’t want to do just anything, I want to do something I am passionate about. The problem is…..I don’t know what it is yet. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should go back to school and well, I am definitley on the fence about it.


4. As I have stated previously, I love reading healthy living blogs. It is definitley motivating and a great form of entertainment. Problem is, I have run across some blogs lately that claim to be “healthy living” but are anything but. You know the scene….over exercising yet simply eating a piece of fruit to refuel(and being SOOOO full afterwards). I mean give me a break, that is just NOT healthy and these few blogs have been leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I know the answer is simple….just don’t read them!! Don’t worry, I have unsubscribed but I can’t help but not like the irresponsibility of it. Whether bloggers realize it or not, when you put yourself out there as a public person, you are acting as a role model to people who are interested in this particular genre of blogs. Maybe this is the 35 year old in me showing my age but I don’t like the idea that others may copy this disordered behavior, thinking that is the way to be healthy.

As you can see, I have had a nice little jumble of thoughts going on in this brain of mine and now that I have been able to sort them out and make sense of them, I think I am ready to get back to it. Blogging that is. As I stated before, you aren’t going to see fancy graphics and pictures or elequent writing on this here blog 😉 but you will see honest! Some days you may see food but other days I may decide to discuss a topic…fitness related or not!!

One thing I am sure of…..I have missed y’all!!!!

Make it a great Tuesday and if you get a chance, do something you are passionate about!!!!


Other than health and fitness, what is one of your passions?

Do you consider yourself to be more of a simple or high maintenance type person?



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