Where I lost my Trader Joes Viriginity

Instead of asking, I am just going to assume that everyone watched the Super Bowl last night. And if you didn’t catch at least a couple minutes of it, surely you have seen some of the commercials from it, right?! And if no commercials, maybe you at least saw or heard about Beyonce’s performance?

While I didn’t really care too much who won, I was sort of rooting for San Francisco. After all, if I could pack up and move anywhere, that is definitely on my top three list. I LOOOOOVE that place.

2011-06-25 08.58.44

Lance I went a couple years ago for vacation and I immediately fell in love.  The weather is gorgeous, there were fit people running around everywhere and it was the place I lost my Trader Joe’s virginity. That in itself, says it all. 😉

As much as I love using the Super Bowl as an excuse to consume mass amounts of crap food, I decided against it this year. The Diet Bet final weigh in is this week, and since I am not as close to my goal weight as I want to be, I kept it healthy. Healthy however, did not mean boring!!

I made these Feta Stuffed Buffalo Turkey meatballs from Iowa Girl Eats and they were incredible!!! With this meal, I honestly did not miss stuffing lots of junk in my face. These were so delicious and filling!!!

Now on to those Super Bowl commercials.

Can I just say, I WILL NOT be using Go Daddy as a hosting service. Ever! That commercial grossed me out so badly that I can’t even bring myself to post a link to it. I think it was the sounds that did me in. Gag.

My favorite commercial:

Without a doubt, the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. Yeah….my hubby works with Anheuser Busch so that is part of the reason but mostly, it just pulled at my heart strings.


In non Super Bowl news, I picked up this green juice at Costco over the weekend. It looks disgusting but it tastes really good. It has all kinds of good stuff in it like wheat grass and barley grass. I tell my son that it is the Incredible Hulk drink and he believes me. It also makes him guzzle it down!!


And for those of you looking to add a lil’ something, something to your workout routine, check out my friend Kyra’s website, The Get In Shape Girl. She offers free monthly exercise challenges. They are great all on their own or you can add them into your current routine for an extra challenge and results. I will be adding the February challenge into my routine because I feel like I am kind of “stuck” and I need something to get my body moving. I know her workouts work because I have seen amazing results before!!!


What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Do you watch the Superbowl for the food, game, performance or commercials?

Favorite Super Bowl snack?




February 4, 2013 · 10:00 AM

9 responses to “Where I lost my Trader Joes Viriginity

  1. Good for you eating healthy yesterday. I ate way way too much 😦
    Omg that Go Daddy commercial was gross! But of course everyone is talking about it today! I loved the Clydesdale commercial too!

  2. The title of your post made me laugh out loud. Too funny. My favorite part of yesterday’s game was half-time. I thought Beyonce did a fabulous job!

  3. Hahaha- I love that you call the Odwalla the Incredible Hulk Drink. Way to keep your Super Bowl eats healthy… That’s definitely not easy!

  4. Haha I didn’t even watch a few minutes of it…

  5. Joshua & I honestly about threw up in our mouths when we watched the Go daddy commercial. So gross!

  6. We didn’t watch the Super Bowl, because we aren’t big football fans, but I do want to watch the commercials! We usually only watch the game for half-time and the commercials, but we didn’t get around to it this year.

    I love Trader Joe’s, too!! I can spend hours in it!

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