WIAW #21

Let’s see if I can manage to type this post without screaming out in pain!! Okay, it’s not that bad but my shoulders are on fire from a killer workout yesterday. A good kind of pain though. I love that feeling of being sore after a good workout, especially when it doesn’t happen as often anymore!!

It is a good thing that we are incorporating clean eating as a lifestyle rather than a diet. Last night, my daughter had her end of the season basketball party at CiCi’s pizza. If you have ever been you know that there are very limited healthy eating option. For what I had to choose from, I am quite happy with the choices I made. And you know what, it felt SO GOOD to walk out of there knowing that although I wasn’t able to eat completely clean, I didn’t have to feel guilty about it. If I had put myself on a “diet” I would still be beating myself up!!

Alrighty, now it is time to see just what I ate yesterday.

What I Ate Wednesday

Meal 1:  Again, this is not necessarily “clean” but it only has 5 ingredients so I am more than okay with it. I hate to waste food and this cereal needed to be finished up so I had a cup (one serving) along with a sliced banana and almond milk. Of course, there was also a delicious cop of coffee but I didn’t snap a picture.

Meal 2: Leftovers!! Blue cheese stuffed buffalo turkey meatballs, quinoa with sun dried tomatoes and asparagus added in. So, So Good!!! Franks hot sauce is definitely a staple in our house. I put that sh*t on everything!!!

Meal 3: Rice cake with Adam’s natural peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. This is a new to me peanut butter but it is quickly becoming a fave!!! I hope my local store continues to carry it.

Meal 4: Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread. I had this shortly before heading to CiCi’s so that I would be less likely to indulge in pizza. It worked!! If you haven’t made this bread, I highly recommend that you make it like NOW!!!

Meal 5: Like I said before, CiCi’s has pretty limited healthy options(if any) but I did the best with what I had. I started out with a salad, topped with light Italian dressing and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. The chicken was actually fake little cubes of something so I picked around that and ate the broth, noodles and veggies. I did help myself to one piece of pizza but hey, it has spinach on it so it couldn’t be all bad, right? Right?!


Do you have a favorite body part to work? Mine is usually legs but since tank top weather is fast approaching, I want to make sure my arms and shoulders are getting the attention they deserve.

Spicy food. Like or dislike? I love spicy foods!!

What is your favorite brand of peanut butter? Jif Natural is really good but Adam’s has quickly become my fave!!



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13 responses to “WIAW #21

  1. Looks like some good eats! Great job at Cicis!
    I always buy the Jif natural peanut butter too!

  2. Isn’t a great to be comfortable knowing that a little deviation from the usual eats isn’t something to be upset about?! Nice! And it looks like that pizza slice was pretty good. I do love working out my arms–hello tank tops, here we come! 🙂

  3. I once ate 28 slices of CiCi’s pizza. LOL. Long time ago…

  4. Brents new favorite peanut butter is that Planters NUTrition Cinnamon Raisin Granola. I put some on my whole grain waffle this morning, it was heavenly!!

  5. i know it’s glorified to live a 100% healthy diet, but remember, enjoying these social situations is part of healthy living. depriving and restricting is not healthy and also one night of pizza will not even effect your body. just your mind.

    and i’m with you on that frank’s hot sauce, i LOVE the stuff and seriously put it on everything.

    • I agree 100% That is why I aim to eat 80% clean instead of being “perfect” all the time. I am not a big fan of CiCi’s or I probably would have indugled a bit more. I would rather splurge on something really worth it!!

  6. I love that cinnamon swirl protein bread!

  7. I love the feeling of eating out and feeling good about the choices that I made! Your slice of pizza looked good!

    Anyhow, I LOVE spicy food and I am a peanut butter fanatic! My favorite brand is actually Smart Balance chunky, but I also love Justin’s!

  8. Omg I looooove those buffalo turkey meatballs! Looks delicious with the quinoa! And I’m a spicy wicy girl allll the way! 🙂

  9. Ray Downey

    The little cubes are actually chicken. They
    Are actually good. Ask for some buffalo sauce to add to your soup next time. Spicy
    Chicken Noodle Soup is delicious.

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