I’m a Copy Cat

Is Spring Break over yet?

Just kidding! πŸ˜‰ I am actually really enjoying my week but it has left me little time for much of anything else, like blogging. Reading or writing. The thing is, I promised myself I would try to be more “present” with my kids this week. Truly interact with them and give them large amounts of my attention.(Or should I say LARGER amounts) I still have to fit in my workouts, house cleaning and errands so blogging had to go on the back burner this week and that is A-OK!! I won’t lie though, I am kind of looking forward to school starting again on Monday and having a bit of a breather!!

Want to see some of what we have done this week?

Well, I would love to show you but my stupid phone will not upload my pics to Picasa for anything. It has been acting goofy for a week now and it is really starting to get on my nerves. I depend on my camera phone for easy pics while I am out and about but what is the point if I cannot share them? Grrrr!!!

Let’s just say that it has been a nice mix of visiting local places like the Fort Worth Log Cabins(educational and fun), play dates with friends along with park visits, while mixing it up with some fun playtime at home.

Play-doh is my enemy but my kids love it so I found a solution. Play outside with it until your little hearts are content and then it is easy breezy clean up for me.


Friday we will take a visit to the Forest Park Train in Fort Worth. This picture is obviously an older one but hey, I thought it would be fun to throw it in since I can’t show many from this week.


All of you single gals, enjoy your wild Spring Break days because in the not too distance future your life will probably look a lot like mine. And you will love it, too!! πŸ™‚

You know what else there is to love?

This fan-freaking-tastic casserole that I made last night!!

I have been craving a cheeseburger something bad(thanks, Mother Nature!!) but I knew that giving in to a greasy burger would leave me feeling yucky so I found an awesome alternative.

Cheeseburger Casserole!!!


Again, I have to throw credit to Courtney for the idea!! My kitchen life would be quite boring if I weren’t always copy-catting her meals, lol!!

The original recipe is actually one from SkinnyTaste but I never knew about it until I saw Courtney’s post so that is why she gets the credit!

This casserole tasted so similar to a cheeseburger that it was crazy!!! My craving was certainly fulfilled.

The green things you see on top, that is pickle. Sounds weird, right? I promise, it tastes SOOOOO good!!!


The casserole serves 9 so you are able to eat a nice sized portion for under 300 calories. I like that!! Don’t you hate when you make something that tastes really good but the portion size is so small that you aren’t even close to full?


As far as clean eating, yeahhhhh I wouldn’t say this really qualifies. It certainly is not unhealthy but I don’t think cheese falls into the clean eating category. Unless someone wants to argue with me that it does. I promise, I will let you be the winner in that one ;-)!!


Just call me the queen of copy cats today because my workout was also borrowed!!

Thanks, Presley!!

It was a great workout and I felt the burn for sure!! Especially since the warmup and cool downs are done on a giant hill. Let’s just say that between leg day yesterday and the Tabata workout from today, sitting down on the toilet might be pretty hard tomorrow. I love it, though. I am ready to start seeing some physical changes to my body and I know workouts like this will make it happen. Short and sweet but most of all: EFFECTIVE!!!!


How do your spend your Spring Break? Laid back, vacation or lots of parties?

What is your favorite healthy food that satisfies the craving for something”bad”?

Do you like Tabata and HIIT style workouts or do you prefer steady state cardio? I like a little bit of both!



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8 responses to “I’m a Copy Cat

  1. Spring break begins 1 week! Yipee! We will be enjoying a Staycation. I do really mean enjoy. Sometimes it’s nice to relax, slow down and catch up on things at home. And I need to finish planning out summer vacation, so it works out. πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

  2. I’m so horrible – I always hid the Play-doh from my kids because I hate it and they make a giant mess! lol! Maybe I’ll try letting them play with it outside!
    Your casserole looks great, and pickles are delicious on anything πŸ™‚

  3. I love my kids, but after a week with them I need to stare at a wall in complete silence!! lol.. That casserole does look good, but there is no way in hell my kids are eating that! Picky pains in the butts!! When I am hankering for a sweet. I put pb2 chocolate on a brown rice cake, and it does the trick! Lets be honest thou, I would love a cookie! lol.. Love hate with HIIT! I enjoy steady state cardio because I pretend I am the person singing the songs I am listening too! lol.. I don’t get to do it much thou. Trying to gain some mass!!!! :(:( xo

    • I like HIIT for busting out a good workout and I like steady state for more of a relaxing, zoned out cardio session.

      I wish I could hear you sing!! You need to post a song somewhere because I just know you are awesome!!

  4. I don’t get a spring break 😦

  5. haha! sitting down on the toilet. SO TRUE!!!!

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