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New Stuff

Good morning!

You may have come to my page this morning and noticed a new header on my blog? If you didn’t notice, that is okay, too!! What is up now is very simple and hopefully, very temporary. Well semi-temporary I guess. I have hopes of getting someone to actually design a blog header for me but to be honest, I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, after all this is a hobby and nothing more!  I want it to remain simple but FUN so if y’all happen to know someone you can recommend, I would love for you to share their info!!

I also changed my “tag line” up. It used to read: “A healthy life is a happy life” but now it says, “Where family, food and fitness meet”. I sometimes felt stuck with the former and felt like I couldn’t stray too far away from all things health and fitness related. Though, obviously I did. A lot. Anyhow, I feel like I have opened up what I can write about and make my blog centered on everything, not just fitness. That will still be a big part of it but you know, I certainly don’t live my life focused on only one thing so I don’t want to write my blog like that either 🙂


Saturday started bright and early for me because I had a hair appointment at 7:30am. Soooo early for a weekend but the lady I use books up quickly and weeks in advance so I pretty much take what I can get.  Though I like to sleep in on Saturdays, I have to admit, it was nice to be back from my appointment and running errands by 11am. Less traffic=much easier time getting things done!!

Here is the new ‘do!!

I had some blonde highlights added for Spring/Summer and I love it!! It brightens up my face and my attitude!! I really like super dark hair but I am coming to realize that it looks better on other people than it does me. I by no means should be blonde(been there, done that!!) but an in-between works well :-).

I have to share with y’all a delicious new “treat” I came across this weekend.


Chocolate chip cookie dough, Quest bar. O.M.G. This bar is G-O-O-D!!! I have been searching for it at GNC for a while now but they were always out. Luck was with me when I went in this weekend because they had just received a box of them. While I have had Quest bars before and enjoy some of them(some others, not so much) none of them to compare to this one. It tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie!!! And since GNC had a deal of Buy 3 Get 1 free, I stocked up!!


Did you design your blog yourself or hire someone to do it?

Obviously, I use free WordPress but I am ready to start customizing it just a tad.

Do you change your hair according to the seasons or do you keep it the same year round?



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I’m a Copy Cat

Is Spring Break over yet?

Just kidding! 😉 I am actually really enjoying my week but it has left me little time for much of anything else, like blogging. Reading or writing. The thing is, I promised myself I would try to be more “present” with my kids this week. Truly interact with them and give them large amounts of my attention.(Or should I say LARGER amounts) I still have to fit in my workouts, house cleaning and errands so blogging had to go on the back burner this week and that is A-OK!! I won’t lie though, I am kind of looking forward to school starting again on Monday and having a bit of a breather!!

Want to see some of what we have done this week?

Well, I would love to show you but my stupid phone will not upload my pics to Picasa for anything. It has been acting goofy for a week now and it is really starting to get on my nerves. I depend on my camera phone for easy pics while I am out and about but what is the point if I cannot share them? Grrrr!!!

Let’s just say that it has been a nice mix of visiting local places like the Fort Worth Log Cabins(educational and fun), play dates with friends along with park visits, while mixing it up with some fun playtime at home.

Play-doh is my enemy but my kids love it so I found a solution. Play outside with it until your little hearts are content and then it is easy breezy clean up for me.


Friday we will take a visit to the Forest Park Train in Fort Worth. This picture is obviously an older one but hey, I thought it would be fun to throw it in since I can’t show many from this week.


All of you single gals, enjoy your wild Spring Break days because in the not too distance future your life will probably look a lot like mine. And you will love it, too!! 🙂

You know what else there is to love?

This fan-freaking-tastic casserole that I made last night!!

I have been craving a cheeseburger something bad(thanks, Mother Nature!!) but I knew that giving in to a greasy burger would leave me feeling yucky so I found an awesome alternative.

Cheeseburger Casserole!!!


Again, I have to throw credit to Courtney for the idea!! My kitchen life would be quite boring if I weren’t always copy-catting her meals, lol!!

The original recipe is actually one from SkinnyTaste but I never knew about it until I saw Courtney’s post so that is why she gets the credit!

This casserole tasted so similar to a cheeseburger that it was crazy!!! My craving was certainly fulfilled.

The green things you see on top, that is pickle. Sounds weird, right? I promise, it tastes SOOOOO good!!!


The casserole serves 9 so you are able to eat a nice sized portion for under 300 calories. I like that!! Don’t you hate when you make something that tastes really good but the portion size is so small that you aren’t even close to full?


As far as clean eating, yeahhhhh I wouldn’t say this really qualifies. It certainly is not unhealthy but I don’t think cheese falls into the clean eating category. Unless someone wants to argue with me that it does. I promise, I will let you be the winner in that one ;-)!!


Just call me the queen of copy cats today because my workout was also borrowed!!

Thanks, Presley!!

It was a great workout and I felt the burn for sure!! Especially since the warmup and cool downs are done on a giant hill. Let’s just say that between leg day yesterday and the Tabata workout from today, sitting down on the toilet might be pretty hard tomorrow. I love it, though. I am ready to start seeing some physical changes to my body and I know workouts like this will make it happen. Short and sweet but most of all: EFFECTIVE!!!!


How do your spend your Spring Break? Laid back, vacation or lots of parties?

What is your favorite healthy food that satisfies the craving for something”bad”?

Do you like Tabata and HIIT style workouts or do you prefer steady state cardio? I like a little bit of both!


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Mama Bear and Baby Bear Smoothies

Like always, I am thrilled that Friday has arrived!!

Next week is Spring break for my kids and I am pretty excited about it!! Not only do I get to spend time with them doing fun stuff but it also means that my mornings will be more relaxed for a week. Can I just tell you how much I do NOT love packing lunches every morning. Especially when my coffee hasn’t had time to take effect. The break will be nice!!

2013-03-06 16.30.08

Speaking of breaks, did I tell y’all that I booked our Summer vacation? No…I didn’t think so ;-).

After going back and forth for months, I finally decided to bite the bullet(what the heck does that mean anyway?!) and book a trip to Disney World!!

Click for photo source

While I myself have never had a raging desire to go, I know it is something my kids will love and have memories of for the rest of their lives. Of course, Disney is sooooo not a cheap trip but I am certainly a cheapy so I went as budget friendly as I could. We are staying at a budget resort(Pop Century) and while it is very basic it seems to be clean and that is an absolute necessity for me!!! Fingers crossed it isn’t bad once we get there!! By the way, if you have stayed there and have a horror story, please DO NOT share it with me. Let me live in my fantasy land, believing that it will all be quite wonderful. Okay. Awesome!!

Now that we got that vacation talk over, lets move right along to food shall we.

Yesterday I made Liam and I matching green monster shakes. I made mine Mama Bear sized and his Baby bear sized. I also used more spinach in mine and he was quite upset that I got more than he did. Seriously kid….you are complaining that you didn’t get enough spinach? I can’t say I blame him. Mine is a prettier color green :-).

2013-03-07 09.55.42

You know what else is really good? Quest Bars!!

2013-03-06 15.04.31

I actually tried these a couple years back and while I thought they were decent, I could certainly take them or leave them. At that time, I pretty much decided on the leave part. I was at GNC the other day picking up some vitamins for Lance and I noticed that Quest bars were now in the store(used to be available online only) and that there were several new flavors. I REALLY wanted to try the chocolate chip cookie dough but they were out. Boo!!! However, I did get the chocolate peanut butter and coconut cashew to try out. The chocolate peanut butter was so super yummy!!! I have yet to try the coconut cashew but since I have a Costco trip planned for later this morning, I have a feeling it will end up being my snack!! Costco without a full, satisfied belly = a really bad idea!!

Now that we have covered food, let’s see if we can get some fitness talk going on up in here!

I feel really great about all of my workouts this week!! I don’t know if it is because I took a week off due to illness or if it is because I am really enjoying what I have been doing. Pretty much, I am changing it up every day(even slightly) to keep myself from getting bored.

One thing that has helped with that is the website The Daily Hiit. You may be familiar with Body Rock which is also a fitness site with a huge following. The Daily Hiit is the same people who run Body Rock but in a new format which I love. Most of the workouts range from 12-20 minutes but they are stinkin’ hard core. I love too, that you can pick a workout and tailor it to what you are wanting to accomplish. They also give modifications for beginners and I will admit that I have had to use a few and I do not consider myself to be a beginner at all. The best part: All workouts are FREE!!! I love free stuff because remember…..I am a cheap-o!!


Have you ever been to Disney World? What are your Summer vacation plans?

What is your favorite protein bar?


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Not The Picture of Health

If you have come to my blog looking for healthy meal ideas today, run fast because you sure aren’t going to find them here today!!!

Yep, today, I am far from the picture of health, in more than one way.

Yesterday, I woke up with what felt like needles being stuck in my throat and a horrible earache. I am like a 5 year old when it comes to sickness. Any time I get a cold or sinus infection, I get a nice little ear infection to go along with it. I swear I have a five year old living in this 35 year old body. Ha!! I am awful about taking medicine, especially cold medicine because truthfully, it makes me feel worse than the cold. This time was certainly NO exception. It was all I could do to drag my butt out of bed this morning and I have been fighting my Zombie like state ever since. Yawnnnnnn!!!

On top of that, my appetite is really low but when I do eat, it is comfort-ish, foods. You know….toast and peanut butter, Greek yogurt……

I know, you are thinking, “What is wrong with those foods?”.  Nothing, nothing at all.

Except, I wasn’t finished yet. ;-). I forgot to add in the sweet potato tater tots and large diet coke from Sonic.

You know, I might feel a little bad about it if I weren’t feeling so crummy but today it was what I wanted and I went along with it!! Tomorrow I can go back to stuffing lean protein in my mouth……maybe!!

I did manage to resist one of my favorite kinds of candy EVER when I went to Walgreens to pick up some pain medicine.

These Cadbury Mini Eggs are soooooo freakin’ delicious!!! I will help myself to a package or two sometime before Easter but I didn’t just have to have them today. I will wait until my taste buds are in perfect working order so that I can enjoy every little chocolate coated egg in that package!!! 🙂


I did manage to get a workout in but I certainly didn’t give it 100%. I would say more like 70% effort but considering that it was level 3, 30 Day Shred, 70% still worked up quite the sweat. And I can tell you that if Jillian makes you angry when you are feeling good, she will definitely turn into your enemy when you aren’t feeling so hot!!


I have learned as a mom to bite my tongue when saying the words, ” I will never“.

Let’s see how many times I have had to take those words back…..

  • I will never let my kid eat sweets for breakfast
  • I will never let my kid sleep in my bed
  • I will never yell at my kids like that mom does
  • I will never let my kid act that way in public
  • I will never let my kid keep a paci until they are over two years old

And the lastest: I will never let my kid own a Power Wheels. Those are for lazy kids.

Here is the thing. I do think children should be outside, running around playing, riding bikes and expending energy. And you know what, both of my kids do, on a very regular basis!! My son has an obsession with trucks and last weekend, he played on one of these at his friends’ house and he was over the moon about it. When we saw an incredible deal on Craigslist, I just couldn’t pass it up!!! We are calling it an early birthday present(he turns 5 in March).

However, as much as he loves this new toy, I WILL make sure it is not the only thing he plays with. Like everything in life, moderation is key so he will still be getting just as many miles out of his bicycle as he will he F150!!!


Do you ever eat fast food? If so, which is your favorite place?

I will be honest, I DO love Chick Fil A and Sonic but it is quite rare that I eat there. As much as I love it, my body does not!!

Favorite Easter Candy?

Did you enjoy riding your bike and playing outside as a kid?

I was a total tomboy and was constantly outside. Bike riding, tree climbing and dumpster digging were my activities of choice…ha!!


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High Expectations

Is this a three day weekend for you? Not to rub it in if it’s not BUT it is for me and I couldn’t be more excited about it!!:-)

First I’ll give you a little recap of my weekend. Nothing major, but there were a couple events that stood out.


Workout: 2 mile run– It was a short one but I didn’t struggle one bit with my running. Probably because the weather was so nice. I love to run outdoors when it is sunny with temps in the upper 40’s to 50’s.

Friday also included a date night with the hubs and some friends.



We kept it pretty simple and hit up a local seafood place called, Fish Creek. It was good but nothing that I was over the moon about.

I got one fish, one shrimp taco and ordered jalapeno cheese grits as my side. Those were actually pretty darn yummy. However, messing up cheese grits would be pretty hard to do!!

Mostly it was just the service that was a bummer. I have pretty high expectations of service when I go out to eat. Just like I am sure the servers have pretty high expectations that I am going to leave them a fair tip. Lucky for them we always do but you know, it can leave a pretty bad taste in my mouth. How do you like that pun?!

I’ll probably give them a second chance but two strikes and you are OUT!!! 😉

Saturday-  It was just one big giant mish mash of family stuff. Camryn had a basketball game and we had two back to back birthday parties. I wouldn’t call it exciting but you know, those are the things you do when you have kiddos. Overall, it was a fun day, just not one that was full of pictures y’all would care about seeing.

However, when I got home, I had this waiting for me in my mail box!!


I like my other Brooke Burke video so much that I had to order this one when I saw her marketing it on all the morning news shows. Not to mention that I have a pretty bad addiction to workout DVD’s!!

I haven’t done this one yet(that is coming later this morning) but I did kind of glance at it to get an idea of what it will be like. For the most part, I am going to say it is aimed at more of a beginner/intermediate level but the moves look fun and most of them are different than stuff I normally do. It will be fun to throw into the mix here and there, especially on days you don’t really feel like being active.


Workout– 4 mile run

Running is finally starting to feel a bit easier. The four miles on Sunday felt just as easy as the two on Friday so I was pumped about that! Again, I really think it has everything to do with the weather. It was in the mid 50’s and absolutely beautiful when I went out so I truly enjoyed every second of my 43 minute run. Hey, I didn’t say I was getting any faster…….

I used Sunday to do a little bit of baking as well. This time, I made up a super healthy batch of “breakfast cookies” that I found at 100 Days of Real Food.


While the recipe didn’t call for it, I did end up adding about 2 TBSP of dark chocolate chips because I wanted to make sure my kids actually ate the cookies. So instead of calling them Maple Pecan Breakfast Cookies, I am calling them Maple Pecan and Chocolate Breakfast Cookies!!

They were a huge hit in my house so I WILL be making them again!!

The best part: Other than the chocolate chips, the only other sweetener in these cookies are 3 TBSP of maple syrup. I love them!! Now go make them and let me know if you love them, too! 🙂

You want to know what else happened yesterday?

My husband decided to hang a new chandelier in the breakfast nook area. Sounds awesome, right?! Well, I guess it is but what isn’t so awesome is this nice big crack in my ceiling!!!!


Yeahhhhh, my 210 pound husband slipped while he was up there and his big ol’ size 11 shoe come crashing down. I was NOT happy about it to say the least but what are you gonna do? Accidents happen(but only to other people….teehee) and I know it could have been MUCH worse, like his whole body could have come crashing through!!

I guess this is one we will keep for the memory books. In the meantime, I have nicknamed him Clark, from National Lampoons!! You know the scene where he crashes through the ceiling…….ah, that is some funny stuff!!!! 😉


How often do you you go out for date night or girls night?

For me, not nearly enough!!

What celebrity do you look to for body inspiration?

Brooke Burke looks pretty fabulous to me!


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