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New Stuff

Good morning!

You may have come to my page this morning and noticed a new header on my blog? If you didn’t notice, that is okay, too!! What is up now is very simple and hopefully, very temporary. Well semi-temporary I guess. I have hopes of getting someone to actually design a blog header for me but to be honest, I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, after all this is a hobby and nothing more!  I want it to remain simple but FUN so if y’all happen to know someone you can recommend, I would love for you to share their info!!

I also changed my “tag line” up. It used to read: “A healthy life is a happy life” but now it says, “Where family, food and fitness meet”. I sometimes felt stuck with the former and felt like I couldn’t stray too far away from all things health and fitness related. Though, obviously I did. A lot. Anyhow, I feel like I have opened up what I can write about and make my blog centered on everything, not just fitness. That will still be a big part of it but you know, I certainly don’t live my life focused on only one thing so I don’t want to write my blog like that either 🙂


Saturday started bright and early for me because I had a hair appointment at 7:30am. Soooo early for a weekend but the lady I use books up quickly and weeks in advance so I pretty much take what I can get.  Though I like to sleep in on Saturdays, I have to admit, it was nice to be back from my appointment and running errands by 11am. Less traffic=much easier time getting things done!!

Here is the new ‘do!!

I had some blonde highlights added for Spring/Summer and I love it!! It brightens up my face and my attitude!! I really like super dark hair but I am coming to realize that it looks better on other people than it does me. I by no means should be blonde(been there, done that!!) but an in-between works well :-).

I have to share with y’all a delicious new “treat” I came across this weekend.


Chocolate chip cookie dough, Quest bar. O.M.G. This bar is G-O-O-D!!! I have been searching for it at GNC for a while now but they were always out. Luck was with me when I went in this weekend because they had just received a box of them. While I have had Quest bars before and enjoy some of them(some others, not so much) none of them to compare to this one. It tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie!!! And since GNC had a deal of Buy 3 Get 1 free, I stocked up!!


Did you design your blog yourself or hire someone to do it?

Obviously, I use free WordPress but I am ready to start customizing it just a tad.

Do you change your hair according to the seasons or do you keep it the same year round?



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Voting is Open. Help Pick my Blog Header!!

After playing around in Paint all morning and trying to create a header for my blog, I have become very indecisive on which to choose.

Just so you know, I have very little experience in ANY type of graphics software so as you are looking at these, please be nice and keep that in mind!!!

I am going to keep voting open until Tuesday morning when I will either

  • Choose the option with the most votes
  • or if voting is close, I will go with the one that appeals most to me. What I really mean is, if no one votes, I will be forced to choose one on my own!!

While I don’t want to resort to begging, I do want to ask my AWESOME blog reader to, HELP ME OUT HERE!!! I honestly don’t mind lurkers on my blog, in fact I LOVE and feel so grateful that anyone at all takes the time to read about my life and daily ramblings. But just this ONCE, I am asking you to come out of hiding and leave a comment to help me out. After that, you can lurk as much as you like ;-)!!!!

Here are the choices:

Time to vote!!! Which one of these should be my header display?


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